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  1. lulumcnoob

    Last 90 battles

    I was looking this information up for my own purposes, but thought it might be interesting to share here. Colorado last 90 battles: Defenders win: 26/90 Kill all attackers: 10 Reach time limit: 16 Attackers win: 16/90 Kill all defenders: 11 Taken flag: 5 GM Town Battles: 11/90 Attackers...
  2. lulumcnoob

    Increase the amount of Skill Points awarded per level

    Idea title: Increase the amount of Skill Points awarded per level, to offset clothing/set bonus power creep. Details of idea: Nowadays, the vast majority of the player's skills come from clothing and set bonuses. When most of the input comes from clothing and set bonuses, the PvP formulas can...
  3. lulumcnoob

    New Awesomia battles

    So, firstly, Thank You for actively managing the community, and for trying out a new configuration. - I am not sure there be enough time in the tombola to even have the 2nd battle with the other classes? If not, then maybe delay the experiment in the interests of fairness to the other 2...
  4. lulumcnoob

    My contest entry - Game 3

    Did you ever hear the Tragedy of The West: Classic? I thought not. It’s not a story the Game Masters would tell you. It’s a PvP Side legend. The West Classic was a fantastic PvP experience, so powerful and so wise it could use common sense to influence the skill points to create balance… It...
  5. lulumcnoob

    My contest entry - Game 2

    Henry - Anderson John - Bella Maya - Calvin Scarlett - Seth
  6. lulumcnoob

    My contest entry - Game 1

  7. lulumcnoob

    Class Quests 2.0

    You've done your generic class quests for a decade, now get ready for Play-Style specific quests. There are many different play-styles in the game, and I think we've missed an opportunity to make good questlines using the player's own preferred activities. I'm imagining a series of questlines...
  8. lulumcnoob

    Hiding Quests

    Add the ability to "hide" quests in the quest book or saloon that you do not wish to do. Have you ever thought "jeez that's a lot of quests" at level 24? I definitely have - and it gets worse and worse and worse as you level up until you eventually give up, assuming you aren't trying to be a...
  9. lulumcnoob


    Good old-fashioned Duelling Town. - No Allies, No NAP's - Coordinated Duelling - Town Buff Bank - Looking for an extra town builder too, perks include motivation buffs and anyone who touches you becomes our next raid Do you love reading Fan Mail from your Adoring Victims? Do you yearn to Paint...
  10. lulumcnoob

    West Tier-lists

    How do you rate each fort battle build? [Tool used] West 1.xx (Then): VS West 2.xx (Now): I would have added a Z tier for berry pickers and the like, but didn't feel like non-fort builds were worth mentioning.
  11. lulumcnoob

    Use the IFBC branch to test PvP balancing

    Idea title: Once the IFBC has concluded, use the Event Server branch of the game to test Fort battle balancing measures, where an unbelievable number of fort fighters are already gathered due to the IFBC, and no revenue streams will be affected. Details of idea: Formula Ideas to be...
  12. lulumcnoob

    World re-branding

    Idea title: Reassign current game worlds to better suit the needs of the community in 2020, and allow much needed and demanded world migrations. Details of idea: - Make World 1 a PvE world, where forts and duels are limited to "PvP quest events" run by the server administrators. This can...
  13. lulumcnoob

    A whole world for Fort Fighters

    Idea title: Re-purpose World Horseball Cup (en18) to a Game Master fort battle world. Details of idea: Other servers like .de have event worlds within their server which they use for PvP fort battles (and to practice for the IFBC, a distinct and significant advantage over the en community). I...
  14. lulumcnoob

    Separate Construction log and Residents log

    Idea title: Divide Town log and Construction reports into two separate tabs in the Town Hall. Details of idea: I've noticed it's quite difficult to keep track of comings and goings in town during events. When everyone is constructing there's about 15-20 pages of logs created per day. Totally...
  15. lulumcnoob

    Feedback: New forum layout

    I know there wasn't any feedback requested either here on Beta, but imo new forum layout drops some visual features for no reason, such as a members forum statistics in threads, i'm not really a fan. The background and style is an improvement, however. But anyway, just wanted to ask to change...
  16. lulumcnoob

    The West goes Mexican

    ¡West se vuelve mexicano!
  17. lulumcnoob

    In-game Changelog

    The in-game changelog hasn't been updated since v2.98. But let's be honest, how many people knew there was an in-game changelog. EDIT: Probably irrelevant as it may be update based and v2.101 seems to have it up to date, on Beta. Users can't delete their own threads so i'll just wait for the...
  18. lulumcnoob

    An Easier way to find which forts a town owns

    Proposal I would like to be able to see fort ownership in an alliance's Fort tab Current Workaround Click on a town and see from the profile that town owns fort(s), click town's Saloon, Open a player's profile, open the town's alliance page Click Forts, Individually click on each fort looking...
  19. lulumcnoob

    Never Change Your Hat Again! [Western Friday satire in the style of a vintage comic ad]

    You've heard of micro-transactions, now get ready for M A C R O - T R A N S A C T I O N S! IT'S AMAZING! IT'S TERRIFIC! IT'S INNO-TASTIC! Introducing the RED MAGIC HAT from InnoGames! Featuring: All for the high HIGH price of [insert nuggets/cash/auction price here, We're not really...
  20. lulumcnoob


    I feel like I've been scammed by picking a class other than worker. They do more damage than most duellers and get more dodges than most soldiers, and now they can resist taken damage down to 0 if they spent enough nuggets. And there's nothing you can do about it unless you're a level 120+...