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  1. Spec Ops

    Spec Ops is recruiting active , international ,friendly players. We do Fortfighting/Farming all together ;) Send me a pm or message if you want to join. Abjor if you are playing here , feel free to join
  2. The West App Development

    Dear game developers, Since there a lot ideas about the game content, Is it possible to make an app version of this game for mobile phones, Apple/Android? Nowadays, more and more people basically have touch phone , iPhones, android smart phones. I have seen a lot succes in browser games...
  3. FF battles

    Please keep the fights active FFers. It's be so quiet here lately. We don't expect to have 80vs80 but at least 40vs40 will be nice Many thanks
  4. FF team

    Howdy Cowboys&Cowgirls, Since the world is in chaos I want to step up and bring back all the FF players together. Those who fought for appatz, a true great leader would you please give me a chance? I will and have faith to balance the world. Sincerely, JD
  5. Big Scammer

    everyone who reads take care. An player in Idaho named overdose likes to scam while you trade with him ;) Best regards, JD
  6. Duel honour

    I have been playing for a while here, But I do not know what kind of duel counts honorable in the mortician? It's urgent and want to know the answer thx
  7. Additional Chat Room

    Howdy players from the west, last few days I have spoken with some players in Idaho , and most of them agree with an idea to have an additional chat room for trading only. The main reason is that sending WTB/WTS a item on the Saloon frequently is kind of spamming and annoy most players who...
  8. Christmas Trade

    I noticed the saloon is full of spam and cannot read it all, so i created this thread for everyone , who want to post the trade you want to make. Good luck