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  1. Good Feather

    inventory of an item on a world

    Does anyone know of a website or way of finding out how many of 1 item is on a world? I thought tw-db.info had it somewhere before, but I couldnt find it on their site. Someone was looking for a howdah and I wanted to say there was only 2 or 3 on that particular world... but I wanted to...
  2. Good Feather

    Friendship Management

    Proposal - FriendShip Management Create a location that is easier to manage 100 friends during special events and year around. Current Workaround Using the friendship bar at the bottom requires you to scroll through 5 players at a time, which is 20 screen to go through. Details Create a...
  3. Good Feather

    World 9 closing

    So long World 9 - you were a great old classic world. Out of 5 worlds I always enjoyed going to it first of the day. Lots of great players earned their stripes here. I remember on two occasions where we had Fort Chaos. Every fort on the map was declared thanks to Vic. April Fools day 2014...
  4. Good Feather


    I have a general question for fulfilling a quest requirements that require a "Slept 1/1" Does sleeping in a fort for 6 hours fulfill this quest requirement or should I just grab a closet for 8 hours?
  5. Good Feather

    Post ID# items in chat?

    How do you post item ID# or actual The West pictures into chat windows? I've seen it done before and I've done it msyself via a town forum post but Im getting a little bit :south: or older
  6. Good Feather

    Market Search by comments

    Minor Idea Proposal Market Search by Seller Details Add a criteria to search by sellers. When you buy 1 item from a seller you can also search to see if they are selling anything else. That way you can do all your shopping in 1 town. Current Workaround Search all day Summary This is just an...
  7. Good Feather

    flower duel

    Looking for a single flower duel on W11 as I have 1 left to trade.. I've tried posting in chat a few times, in the alliance forums. Thanks.
  8. Good Feather

    Roadmap or State of the Game Address?

    Well it is Feb. and we typically get an Inno West roadmap in Feb. to explain what features they are still working on and what they want to do. Here are the past roadmaps to see how the game has evolved. http://forum.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=49636 2012...
  9. Good Feather

    Natty Bumpo set vs Gold Gun Set

    I had a question in regards to the Natty Bumpo Set vs the Gold Gun set. I noticed the Natty Bumpo gives a +30 Damage fort battle sector bonus. Does that give everyone in my sector the +30 damage bonus or just myself? Also I know there is a single golden gun non-stack bonus sector bonus for...
  10. Good Feather

    Resolved remove friend?

    How do we manage our friends list? I've got an annoying person I need to remove from it. I couldnt find anything in the wikihelp about removing.. only receiving or adding. Disregard... I found the big ugly hand button inbetween town/duels Resolved.
  11. Good Feather

    Resolved fort battle Award bonds

    Just curious tonight I was awarded 3 Award bonds in a battle. I'm not use to seeing those awarded. What did I do to earn those? battle went 52 rounds with a flag capture. http://www.westforts.com/en9/battles/battle/19400
  12. Good Feather

    Church building exp

    Just curious why is the exp gained from building a church all over the place? I wear the same clothes every time I build. How did I manage to get more exp on a 93% mot build vs a 97% mot build? The construction points are going down as they should per mot, but the exp doesn't look right...
  13. Good Feather

    Minor Idea - Market indicator for sales

    Proposal to add Indicator of type of Market Purchase In trying to obtain my Alliance/Town Market achievements. I have found that when you sort the market on Town/Alliance it counts as a worldwide market purchase because that is how the seller listed it. Regardless if we are townmates the...
  14. Good Feather

    v2 job times adjustments

    Proposal Many players seem to be upset by the job times not all being equal. To fix this the devs should allow for choice 2mins, 5mins, 10 mins, 30 mins 1 hour Current Workaround Players are locked into each job at varying time settings without anyway of changing it. Details Players...
  15. Good Feather

    v2 add logoff button and hellp button

    Proposal I cant stand that I have to click on a hidden area to logoff. Even in Forge of Empires I had a logoff button on the main screen. Help button is not really a goal of mine but it does balance out the 2 sides of buttons. Current Workaround Click on the tinny tiny little gear on the...
  16. Good Feather

    V2.0 Daily Tasks, grouping of tasks

    Proposal In v2 they have the tasks all in 1 place. I ask that this be changed to match what the TWDB script does automatically. Which it keeps it all still all in 1 place but in sections. Current Workaround None. Just use your eyes and make sure you choose correctly Details Separate the...
  17. Good Feather

    When will old worlds close?

    Ok its on a lot of peoples posts in game forums, as most worlds have fallen to about 500 people on each or less. When will the lights get turned out in worlds 2-10? I feel we will need some advanced notice to know the date to go collect market purchases and etc before we migrate. I would...
  18. Good Feather

    Slept in one go

    I was looking at the statistics today in the game and found that I have never "Slept in one go" How does one go about getting this statistic fulfilled? Thanks for any info, and if this is a spoiler then please PM me so no spoilers are discussed etc. Thanks.
  19. Good Feather

    Daily Tasks to include Fort battle

    Idea title: Daily tasks to include fort fighting Details of idea: Add the option to attend a fort battle. As on most worlds fort battles already occur daily. This would raise the competition to in deed have fort battles daily, but would limit the players from calling multis to collect absurd...
  20. Good Feather

    Minor Idea - Acheivement search

    Idea title: Search Achievements Details of idea: Add a search box in the achievements area so you can search for the achievement to see if you have completed it. Initially it should just have a search glass. But once clicked on it would pop out a search box to type in and red x to cancel...