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  1. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    I m curios when the feedback will stop, because i see a lot of feedbacks posted here but not even a member of this staff put a comment here :))) , well i m not counting goober. How its the base round 45 seconds, i can not give an order in 45 seconds... putting 45 seconds to others worlds, well...
  2. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    Everything Cactus said, i m agree with it just with the thing with 3-4 ff day :)), anyway nothing will happen, this discusion opened like i don't know how many times in over 3 years, nothing happened since then(just a broken idiotic formula), i don't think what we talk here will happen either...
  3. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    The dif its not that big, cortina at 2 vs an old player at 1 , you will have the same skill points, so no point in union again in shop, that set it's the cancer of this game.
  4. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    You are jealous that you don t have Gringo. :)) Oh w8 a minute...
  5. Feedback Community Project: Fort Limit Rebalancing

    I dont know people are aware but kansas and juarez can not make a full at a small fort now:) If you don't nerf union, just add a tank set that it's good for attack, Union make's the difference , and a big one in def. Losing an attack 93 vs 78 like last night with 220K + hp, because we hit...

    Thank for nothing again :)
  7. Feedback Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2021

    Opened 3 DOTD 2020 set, get 3 santa, thanks INNO!
  8. Feedback Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2021

    Why this GMs , Dev and other people that develop this game do the things so wrong, why in the hell Santa set its 33% in 2020, at DOTD, and 2019 , 2018 the santas are below 10%. Just why you don't let people have the Cortez and Cortina and give them Santa with 33%?
  9. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    Thanks. Can you please confirm if the bags from Holiday Sale/xmas sale will be avaible next tuesday?
  10. Feedback Holiday Speed 2021 (premium-free)

    aaa The suggestion was 2 months ago for the end of January, but anyway, we know no one give a single c*** about what players want.
  11. Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021

    Let try to kill the ff and duel(well they already dead) with another Clicking event, the name its Pumpkin 2021
  12. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    I do think the net server doesnt have a full medium battle in any world right now, can we do something about it? Its becoming boring that even the new world its 60 vs 60... colorado its 84 at 75 or something, probably arizona 45 vs 40 and the rest are dead, can not fill a small...
  13. Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    Its black friday ? Where its the discount for the usable sets.
  14. Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    Attackers just whip defenders with a difference of 10 yesterday and The same hp. Last day attackers just finish defenders în 45 rounds. Why to give 15 people difference. Its too much. Its Easy to win attacks now în Colorado.
  15. Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    92 on attack not 93.
  16. Ask CM about the game

    HU and PL servers have the most active CMs
  17. Feedback Day of the Dead 2021

    So in the last 3 days, i gamble 9 times, 2 /day on colorado and 1 on LV, from 9 times, i receive death 8 times from first card, and 1 time from second card.This is just ****...
  18. Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    Goober, they log in 1 time/week what do you expect, if they dont post an update, they will not log in anyway,