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  1. Advent Calendar 4. Game

    It would take 4 cuts x 20 seconds, so it would take the Elf a total of 80 seconds to finish one sheet. The Elf should get a paper cutter, it would be a lot faster if you can do more than one sheet at a time. lol :'P
  2. Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021

    Again? I thought I was always delusional... :'P “Crazy People don’t know they’re crazy. I know I’m crazy, therefore, I’m not crazy, isn’t that crazy?” Captain Jack Sparrow :-D
  3. Feedback Pumpkin Hunt 2021

    Any chance those older DotD set chests could be made auctionable? Then we could sell the whole set to someone in one go rather than having to open the set, put each piece up... etc. I'd like to be able to sell them to lower levels without a lot of fuss. Can even make them cheap like the whole...
  4. Advent Calendar 3. Game

    Cuz they were NAUGHTY and opened their Advent Calendar too early! So Maya gave them a Piece of Coal and slapped a Bounty on them for being Naughty! :-D
  5. Advent Calendar 2. Game

  6. Advent Calendar 1. Game

    Kallikantzaroi aka Christmas Goblins. Put a colander on your doorstep to distract them. :)
  7. Ode to Ares Venganza!

    I knew Ares for many years. Mostly as a friend... Then an enemy for a while on El Dorado... Then back to friends again. Even when we were "enemies", it didn't seem right. I'm glad we were friends again before he passed away. We had great conversations... Not always about the game. It really hit...
  8. Update 2.158 Feedback

    Harvest Time: https://tw-calc.net/quests/group/208#3198 Harvesting fields 6 hours Picking tobacco 5 hours Exploration 8 hours Picking corn 6 hours Slept: 1/1 Transport ammunition 7 hours Harvest festival preparation: https://tw-calc.net/quests/group/226#3438 Harvesting fields 4 hours Mucking...
  9. Update 2.158 Feedback

    Was this update actually done on Friday or Tuesday? I'm sure I have checked the quests I still had saved over the weekend and they were not available. As it is, it seems that the update was actually done today (I think around 1pm server)? The last part of one of the quests needs 7 hours...
  10. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    The Hottest Chili In The West
  11. New Awesomia battles

    Will there be a reward for joining the "test" Awesomia battles? In the past, every Mod-dug Awesomia battle had some kind of reward for participating... People will expect it as soon as they see "Henry" dug. If there is NO reward, expect a lot of unhappy tickets. :hmf: Also, don't expect...
  12. World closure

    I respectfully request that this World 1 Forum never be deleted. Please keep it for all the history it contains. We lost all the history of our other numbered worlds. It would be wonderful to keep this one as it does show how things evolved throughout the game. :lovetw:
  13. World closure

    I'm not crying... It's just been raining on my face... Sniffle... And I have a cold... :-(
  14. World closure

    @Hr.Nyborg I just logged on and saw the "World 1 Closing" pop up on ALL worlds. THANK YOU! I really really hate that World 1 is closing... However, I really do appreciate the amount of support and communication you have given us while we go through the process. At lease we have (hopefully)...
  15. World closure

    Thank you! :-)) :cooln: It's too bad they can't be archived and saved... Would it be possible to make that "World 1 Closing" pop up on ALL worlds? Then if someone is active on another world and their W1 toon is in VM, they would be informed. Some just don't read the forums... Although...
  16. World closure

    LOL Love ya Dell! *RUMGLOMPS!!!* :-D It was available?? Where was I? I must have been distrac.... :oh::'P If that was a thing before, maybe it could be again... That would be horrible... I know a few on Vacation Mode who did come back after a few months... Or even after their toons...
  17. World closure

    Since we don't have much time left, I'm asking if Galv (quiet world but if someone has no other option at least it's another route) and Houston (daily battles and livelier world than Dakota or El Dorado) could please be available for migration routes out of W1. Even if those worlds wind up...
  18. World closure

    Galv and Houston are no longer options for migration? :blink::-( Houston has daily battles... 30+ on each side... Someone was going to migrate to Houston and didn't have it as an option. So they have to choose another world? I'm stuck with going to Dakota and the possibility of that world...
  19. New Awesomia battles

    Oh! Sleepywear with Teddy Bears loaded battles! :lol: Seriously tho... If you were to do weekly (or whenever) battles, could you please dig it 2 days ahead? That way we can still dig battles around it without affecting regular battle schedules as much (Colorado's rather strict FF Rules...
  20. What would you like - a migrate poll

    I'm still on all available worlds, so drop me a line to get an invite to my town when you arrive. :up: Oh ya, Dakota, I'm RumpIeTeazer. I tried to be anon there, but wound up Huggling friends as I saw them... Then saw my name there and said "Oops, um you do know me." They kinda figured me...