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  1. Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Le Clownfiesta
  2. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    " This contest runs from today September 10th 2021 to September 17th 2021 at midnight. Winners will be announced September 11th 2021 here in forum. " am i stupid or is something wrong here also answer is: The hottest chili in the west
  3. Ask CM about the game

    When are you officially going to announce me as the new CM? I cant wait anymore to start fixing the game
  4. Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    Jesus he knows me and he knows im right ive been talking to Jesus all my life
  5. Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    I'm speechless because you listened to players
  6. Ask CM about the game

    Can I be the new CM?
  7. Ask CM about the game

    I'm not sure who to believe. You say no updates on level increasing thing yet because it's a secret project and then you pretty much say that it's gonna take a while because the code is outdated and someone just told me that the wests official facebook says that the level update will happen...
  8. Ask CM about the game

    Am i being trolled
  9. New Awesomia battles

    No builds except for full hp/leadership? 1% winrate for attacks? Damagers having more sets/better rewards than tanks? Advents bonus? Do you want me to continue?
  10. Ask CM about the game

    Been waiting for just 5 days. That has to be a long and satisfying answer
  11. Ask CM about the game

    Can I get an answer?
  12. 7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    MY SUGGESTION: Instead of having events in a broken game fix it already. Players have pretty much fixed it for you with all their ideas, formulas and whatever else they already came up with all you have to do is implement it. Also finally get rid of the person whos been ruining this game for...
  13. Ask CM about the game

    1. Are there any changes planned to be made anytime soon when it comes to FF balance? People seem to happily defend but knowing that attacks have like a 1% winrate it's very difficult to convince same people to come to attacks. 2. Are there any changes planned to be made when it comes to FF...
  14. Ask CM about the game

    new CMs, can you confirm that even after what happened yesterday, Galveston and Houston are going to be closed "soon"?
  15. Ask CM about the game

    And how is that better than a forum poll? Because from what I remember the dotd survey made it impossible to express your real opinion on the event because of the way answers were writteb
  16. Ask CM about the game

    How about we make a poll and see how many players want new worlds?
  17. Ask CM about the game

    Dont worry syntex, previous CM got fired because he was doing what majority of the playerbase wanted so we dont have high expectations. Open new servers and run it the way inno wants even though its against 80+% of players
  18. Dear Mr Syntex

    Just wondering - is this 2 CM thing a new strat to confuse players so that they arent exactly sure who to blame for the state of this game?
  19. Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    37 people online. In kuros ages there were 37 combined during his whole career.