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  1. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Advent Calendar 2021

    From 2011 onwards if a player opened every window within 15 seconds they got a special limited edition surprise... im sure its the same with 2021 Doing a pumpkin hunt in December isnt late at all btw .... its just very early ;)
  2. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Western Friday Sale 2021

    Inno might want to consider better marketing on a black friday, we do it in game and market all the time. Allow me to impart lesson 1 for free How to Haggle but like the man says, theres one born every minute. And a Happy thanksgiving to all our American brothers and sisters :up:
  3. Victor Kruger

    Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed

    Knew youd not be offended, decent players rarely are, i guess i should say with some irony welcome to my world. :boone: Seriously I do appreciate and know where your coming from beef. I understand totally though never take FF seriously unless at war and that has been many years since. My idea...
  4. Victor Kruger

    Fort limit changes on Colorado and Kansas - Feedback

    oo good a numbers game... 42 the end :up:
  5. Victor Kruger

    Asking for union officer to be nerfed every day until it's being nerfed

    Does it really matter at this point ? since its now only about how much one is willing to pay, not about how good you can actually play or understand basic tactics anymore. More than half are crap with or without sets anyway and the ones who can use Union effectively good luck to them, they are...
  6. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Day of the Dead 2021

    Sure, but i was specifically pointing out if you do spend nuggets 2500 thats 100 chances ... and still imo by far the best use of nuggets for chests .... just looking at some of the players on Vegas tells me that is "exactly " what some are doing and then swapping with others... cant blame the...
  7. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Day of the Dead 2021

    I think Goober is correct.. its a simple aglo just as Goober has said If you pay very close attention you can see when the next turn is going to turn up a reaper.. when the card already chosen flips back. But only after you've decided to twist and by then its too late. Your fate is already...
  8. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Day of the Dead 2021

    I wonder how many realise if your going to spend nuggets then 25 a pop in the event can get you Cowgirls, Cortinas etc is an absolute no brainer... compared to 1800 - 2400 a chest in sales 25 nuggets for a round/bribe is an incredibly cheap option and way to get some very current and...
  9. Victor Kruger

    Las Vegas - Contest

    Could have a free clown set, about right since a competition for those who spend the most is a joke. Or Rather those buying into are the BUTT of Innos Joke .... cha ching, thx very much :-D
  10. Victor Kruger

    Even fort fights

    Yea I know guys, was merely pointing out where there is a will there is always a way.... Ill get my coat :dastardly:
  11. Victor Kruger

    Ode to Ares Venganza!

    Im sure Ares be laughing his ass off at those memories and chats... We often forget theres real people with real lives behind the screen ... nor do we know what battle scars others carry in life It is good such enemies meet on the field of battle yet never let it become who you are in real...
  12. Victor Kruger


    Or Its possible your having a conflict running something on your system at your end, like your browser or old /outdated/illegal script or other program. Try turning off any game scripts you have running, use a different browser and take it from there.
  13. Victor Kruger

    Feedback Day of the Dead 2021

    Im surprised theres not a donation box yet to offset big spenders carbon footprints. :roll:
  14. Victor Kruger

    Even fort fights

    Why not adjust the fort structure bonuses ? .. Walls Towers etc dont have to have the bonuses or levels currently allocated. Could be done in 2 mins flat and has been in past times. As for players help forget it, Im one of the very few who does dress down to battles if it helps balance...
  15. Victor Kruger

    World closure

    Definitely as Vic it was much later ..Both this Toon, Neo and many others came from W10 to there. My original was around week 1 or 2 i guess looking at the timings but deleted within a few months cos RL too got busy before restarting again that xmas...
  16. Victor Kruger

    Las Vegas - Contest

    Prize : An old avatar :lol:
  17. Victor Kruger

    Las Vegas Saloon

    Gambling licences will be granted end of the month when the casino opens again.
  18. Victor Kruger

    Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

    Ok so whos gonna be Mo Green then ? :lol:
  19. Victor Kruger

    Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    So nothing much has changed since damagers were pandered to :up: And the masses in general who dont want to waddle about cant hit for peanuts anymore damage wise or the other 2 classes ?
  20. Victor Kruger

    Fort Battle Builds Guide 2.0!

    So its nearly 2022.... what are peoples opinion of the best fort build set ups in AP and SP now ?