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  1. Two questions before I make my choice

    Thanks for all the replies! Repeatables (tasks), event and "pick a side" achievements I already figured I'd come across. Back when I played long ago, some event achievements were still obtainable the following years, even tho the achievement text was for a specific year. So I'll be trying to get...
  2. Two questions before I make my choice

    No, that question was overall, not for a specific world, lol. EDIT: A missable achievement is an achievement that you can miss, for example "do x before you're level y", which can be missed if not done in time, etc. The repeatables are another example, but those I know about already.
  3. Two questions before I make my choice

    Colorado is what I've been thinking too, picked it up when people mentioned it in a few places. What about the missable achievements?
  4. Two questions before I make my choice

    Which world is currently the most active one / the one that will hopefully last the longest? I started on Kansas because it was recommended but I wanted to see if I have better options or not. Are there any missable achivements? I remember playing 5-10 years ago, and there were a few, but I...
  5. Website - English support

    Yeah, that did in fact work but that's way too cumbersome for me to use. I'll stick with using TW-Calc instead then. Sad to see this script die.
  6. Website - English support

    Hi, I'm trying to import to my TW-DB account but it says that I need to login first. I am logged in on the website and have installed the script in Google Chrome with Tampermonkey. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Or is it a completely dead script? I used it all the time when I played back in the...