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  1. International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Player name: Antjest World: Arizona Level: 150 Class: Soldier Profession: Blacksmith Health Points: 6690 Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: Both, mostly online Leader/Entrant: entrant, not a leader
  2. Skills for being a great duelist

    Not completely right. Since dodging is luck based, you don't need any appearance/tactics if you are resister dueler. You will hit 2-4 times with enough aim and you will reduce damage done to you with reflex/toughness (work always - not luck dependant). The way you described works only when two...
  3. Resolved Tactics, useless ?

    Tactics/appearance are useless(ineffective) against resister duelers. Dueling them, only aim and dodging/shooting skills counts.
  4. Duelling Changes

    Your stand is understandable. You are playing resister on Arizona, probably for reasons that I mentioned in my previous post. And if/when game will be balanced you will loose your all round advantages.
  5. Duelling Changes

    This changes are good to the point that they fail to balance or corect resister problem. In my opinion resistance build should be used to defend only and reduced their attack strengh significantly or made luck connected with reflex/toughness like with dodging. The way it is now, looks like...
  6. Duel again resistance dueler.

    Why is reflex/toughness not luck based like dodge ? It serves similar purpose.