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  1. Entries: A new world is on the horizon!

  2. Update 2.154 feedback

    best news in years. Magda gone. Good riddance. She has single handedly destroyed this great game. It should be difficult to find someone more pathethic for this job then she was.
  3. World closure

    Why one of the most active worlds, namely Colorado, is not on the list as an option for migration, is simply beyond belief. On the other hand, maybe a fat genius with the cat that i rather not name here, thinks that alllowing migration to the less active dying worlds will rejuvenate them. I...
  4. World setup changes

    maybe pumpkin wants to openly state how many battles he /she dug over the years that he / she has not attended. I have lost count at around 100. But i do remember that the last one was today :
  5. Gardening

    it only shows you how much The West and Colorado in particular still inspires me after all those years that i decided to have a little part of Colorado in my garden.
  6. Gardening

    I love gardening. Below is the latest addition to my garden. I got them just last week. Don't those 3 look charming?
  7. World setup changes

    Roffo, the prime objective of the 2 main alliances on Colorado is not to have a monopoly of all the forts but to provide Colorado fort fighters with full, balanced competative battles during the optimal time frame (prime time) that suits most players. Your and the other 2 humpty dumpties digs...
  8. World setup changes

    Instead of trying to devise ways to stop the multi digs by the few disruptive players on Colorado that have zero interest in their digs, maybe it will be much easier to reserve the digs during our Colorado defined "prime time" to 2 main alliances so the vast majority of the dedicated Colorado...
  9. Update Feedback - 2.147

    I wonder if she would accept a doughnut to go with her morning coffee.
  10. Update Feedback - 2.147

    I thought beta was the place to correct bugs before they hit the open worlds.
  11. "2021 Plans"

    When i joined Colorado there we plenty of people on max level, more people joined after me and nobody cried "Power creep: 100 times a day. In fact most played. leveled and some are still around after all those years. We did not have infinite church, we did not have xp sets, regen sets, we all...
  12. "2021 Plans"

    are the "chosen ones" the ones that have stuck around here for 10 years or longer? What cretins. They should all be burned at the stake.
  13. Aventure Balancing patch!?!?

    What kind of a question is that? Do you know of anyone that wants to be crap rather then good? And if players leave this game its certainly not because of other players but because of INNO policies. Lastly, players certainly dont leave this game because of adventures lol.
  14. Use the IFBC branch to test PvP balancing

    That is a splendid suggestion under the current circumstances where everyone is praying and hoping that something is gonna be done to decrease the overall damage done in fort fights. Formula coupled with the current sets and total bias towards dueler class has made the fort fights a turkey...
  15. Change your character bonus

    when a worker was nothing else but a toilet cleaner in fort fights for the first 8-9 years of this game, where were all the comments on forums to fix that? Raider, did you countribute anything on forums regarding that or were you still looking for The West then?
  16. Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    uff, lucky for me and some others that i know, INNO did not specify the max age limit to be able to play this game. Are people with dementia allowed in? Just asking as i want to know if i should quit myself when the day comes before i get forcefully removed when INNO decides that i am good...
  17. Update Feedbacks - 2.132

    Six-color paint for face painting The name of the item has been changed to "Five-color paint for face painting". - Thank you for changing this. It is another one of the major sticking points thats been hindering our game play for years now that has been fixed at last. I cant thank you enough...
  18. Update Feedbacks - 2.119

    Apparently adding this potion into the shop for 400 nuggets is within a limited skill set of the people that INNO employs to still work on this game. To implement some of the ideas the players have been putting forward or to fix some of the stuff that is really broken right now (fort fight...
  19. Spooky fort battle review

    any particular reason why on .net servers the extra prizes for special battles differ so much from for example polish servers? Today on Colorado we got 1000 flowers while today on polish server they got 4500? Is this some kind of discrimination or are we on .net just worth 1/4 of polish players?
  20. ownable Awesomnia fort

    the fort in the middle of the map is being used for event fort fights dug by mods on many other worlds but .NET thus it cannot be owned by anyone else but mod towns. Since those event forts fights do happen very regularly on other worlds with many special prizes for players, i doubt very much...