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  1. Weedon Scott

    Ask CM about the game

    Here we just talk to each other. I read what you wrote, you read what I wrote, anyone who believes there will be more is just wasting their time and energy. Inno or CM neither cares what you write or say even. Turn off your computer and go for a walk, it will be better for you
  2. Weedon Scott

    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    And i dont want that 300 nuggets take them back
  3. Weedon Scott

    7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    What a good event or server i wasted a lot of times for getting fast lvl and gears i joined town and started to duel and after two days 62 lvl one coming up to top 1 in 5-6 hour thanks god only one person done it and i finished second hahahah
  4. Weedon Scott

    Hr Nyborg appreciation thread

    Nyborg was the best coma i have ever seen in my all game life bring him back pls
  5. Weedon Scott

    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

    İ dont know whats going on but 39