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  1. New Awesomia battles

    awesomia battle once a week are good ATM but there is 2 problem : 1) ranking : there is nobody in defence or attack to rank people so first come first server ! if we have anybody to rank fighters , it will encorage fighters to be online and get rank to dont miss battle ( mostly defence ) more...
  2. New Awesomia battles

    awesomia battles need to have some ranks ! in defence and in attack side without rank , offliners go onliners nerve :/
  3. New Awesomia battles

    both side need to have prize , so none requlars will motivate to come too but winner side need to have much more better things so people will fight for it , not just set to walk there and set to die to get his/her prize when reopen game !!! ps in colorado , if its possible , each week , better...
  4. World closure

    +1 colorado are one active world and can be a good option for those are active on world1 why not add world colorado for that list CM , inno admin stuffs ? :/
  5. World setup changes

    doc pain just dug another battle in prime time :/ we have one full side medium fort battle today , but it seems for tomorrow , we will not have as there is 2 battle dug by doc pain and one of them are in prime time :/
  6. World setup changes

    first u need to play on colorado then take part in our fun on fort battle in colorado then u will change your idea , u need to see our orgnize in fort battles in both alliance , we shoot each other when battle start , but after that battle , we are stay together to think what we need to do , to...
  7. World setup changes

    u kidding us ? :/ u think your act and another 2 trolls act are normal one ? if u really wanna fort fight , can join any storm or req alliance and u can have your digs day if show respect for your alliance councils rules and besure your alliance will support your digs and you will have your own...
  8. World setup changes

    u can make yourself founder when there is no any other founder on your town !!!!
  9. World setup changes

    Ban players when not showing up :/ real life , real life , maybe i just dig a battle and can not show for once , twice ... , so i am going to ban ? or you just going to ban if i make it habbit for myself like these 3 trolls ?
  10. Crafting Event 2021 - Feedback

    just crafted 2th now , no any skill point again :/ i was the rank one on crafting for long time on colorado due my diversity , but now with 2 bad luck on gaining skill point in this 4 day , i am going to page 4 on ranking :/ WTF one more fun killing by inno with this update on craft :/
  11. World setup changes

    changing the time will not help us , we just dont wanna see more battles except real ones ( the ones dug by 2 main alliance or 3th alliance that dug with managment and always both main alliance support them dugs too ) option 2 : highest price and ban the persons that abuse people funs on fort...
  12. World setup changes

    good point fos :D +1
  13. World setup changes

    in colorado , we didnt care forts for now , we just care good battles , for more time , we swapped forts between 2-3 alliance everyone are wrong here and only u and 2 next trolls are true :/ good point reino , it will help , we increase numbers more and more in none awesomia ones too , hope our...
  14. World setup changes

    +1 zulu i just send ingame ticket , plz check it yourself ps we need some change on fort battle rules to force trolls thing more when wanna dig a battle
  15. World setup changes

    i am sure , changing the time will not help us as kuro did it before with my tickets , u can check yourself , we just can not reach 50-60 person in each side while the time changed :/ , we just loose some numbers to defend troll ones can u do this ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> first dig by a...
  16. World setup changes

    why not join colorado and join storm rider alliance or regulators alliance , to see how we work each other to balance battles and numbers and digs ? in past diggo and da twista was in colorado too ;) in my point first step to solve this can be like this : first dig by a town be 50k secound...
  17. World setup changes

    so dont be like that babies and grow and let us know whats your purpose of your dugs while you even didnt join your own battles if u wanna fort fight , u will have atleast one in prime time with better orgnize and better numbers and more funs if you wanna be like trolls do it only to mess...
  18. World setup changes

    as i say in ticket , in colorado both alliance dont care of loose fort or take fort , we just wanna have one good battle per day to have some fun for more time , both alliance swaped towns , players , fort battle leaders between alliance just to balance battles in this case , we swapped forts...
  19. World setup changes

    sure , i am in think of that too , they know that we wanna have one good battle during 19:00 pm - 24:00 pm server time and they will try dig the battles before that time and fill the slots :/
  20. new cm please

    atleast after a 2-3 month , we have somebody , wanna care and wanna do something ! not only say , sorry we can not do anything untill rule ... :/ those trolls do it only to mess around with who enjoy battles on colorado and they reached they goal because INNO dont wanna make any action about...