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  1. Al35ul

    Video Contest Q&A

    Feel free to post any questions you have regarding our New Video Contest here :).
  2. Al35ul

    Video Contest

    Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, Calling out all the video creators to participate in our new contest! Create a video of educational value, explaining the game to other, newer The West players! It can be anything – Dueling, Fort Battles, Crafting, Jobs! - your imagination is the limit. The best...
  3. Al35ul

    Golden horse and saddle

    Don't we think that the new set is a bit ridiculous? The bonuses are insanely stupid and it puts premium players at such a huge advantage over regular players. It literally gives over 500 skill points and over 100 attributes, and I've already seen people upgrading it like crazy. I've already...
  4. Al35ul

    New world/Migration

    Greetings people: duelers, fort fighters, workers and whatever else you might be. An idea struck me it is:could it be possible that INNO could open a world to which players can only migrate to instead of migrating to other current worlds?( since most of them are pretty dead). To make...