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  1. TheRodent

    FF Attendance Improvement

    Checked with support, and it says to post in the forum... So, on Fort Fights... to see who is actually at the Fort, you have to open the FF window, then open the Recruiting page, to see who is at the Fort or not. And it's only if you're ranked Captain or General that you can actually open that...
  2. TheRodent

    Post Your Avatar Glitches

    Noticed a couple times the avatar doesn't load properly... this one made me laugh though... I look like a bespectacled Voldemort.
  3. TheRodent

    Can't upload image to Town

    Founded a new town in Galveston by taking over a Ghost Town, and for some reason I can't upload a new image. Every time I try, it comes up with the previous owner's picture instead of my image. Any ideas?
  4. TheRodent

    New Set Idea

    Just been looking through Wiki, and can't find a Billy The Kid Set? What could be cooler for a game like this than a Billy Bonney Set? I had a play with Photoshop using existing West sets and photos of the real Billy as well... and came up with this: Side note: The real Billy was a decent...