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  1. Oktoberfest 2021 Feedback

    oh inno
  2. Help Tecumseh (Maze Contest)

    the hottest chili in the west
  3. Dueling option

    I came up with a plan in a world I was a skinny duel char - I stayed in self-KO for over a year so I wouldn't get KOd at a random time and ruin my jobs. It took 1 energy point and I had 48 hours to choose whenever I self-KO. Another plan - in a different world, I didn't duel a char for 45...
  4. Dueling option

    1. go townless 2. self-ko (72hrs of freedom!) The options are there, pick one. Those who didn't stand up in duels were termed cowards and generally had to leave the county/town. Your choice...
  5. Harvest time discussion thread

    ^ worst.logic.ever. It doesn't say one "shoot and miss", it says "one hit". An attempted shot, is not a hit. A hit is a hit. If someone takes a swing at me and I dodge it, they didn't hit me! If I dodge 7 times, and then they hit me in their 8th attempt and knock me out cold, that's a one-hit KO!
  6. I don't use social media, so screw me?

    The world is full of these choices. You have free choice to participate. Choose your adventure: click a button, get extra stuff. Don't click a button, don't get extra stuff. For example: when DropBox started, they gave away extra gb for liking a tweet (Twitter). I did that, still have the extra...
  7. I don't use social media, so screw me?

    in the game, click the options gear under the mini map select Settings 3rd tab is bonus codes It can be used only once, so choose your world carefully.
  8. I don't use social media, so screw me?

    what about this view: You can set up a non-associated-with-your-real-life email and facebook account and get the reward. (as i did) Second, don't complain about something that you freely choose to do and then complain about not being rewarded for your free-will choice. In life, there are many...
  9. migration

    Instead of migration to established worlds where there are already alliances, fort ownership, towns built (and thousands of ghost towns) start a new world or two and give worlds A,B,D,E,F,G,H,I.J one month to migrate their chars to it/them. Then close the ABDEFGHIJ worlds.
  10. New Awesomia battles

    l will let you know how the 6 attackers fare on Briscoe ;)
  11. New Awesomia battles

    So rewards should be: reward for losing side = full energy and health regen buff reward for winning side = amulet
  12. New Awesomia battles

    Sorry, what I read was "a reference for numbers change" not a "fun awesomia battle". Has the objective changed from baseline to fun? To test a theory (which is what I believe the objective was): if numbers are changed back to original numbers, will this improve the fort battles? In order for...
  13. New Awesomia battles

    If this is just a "test" Awesomia battle that isn't linked to event rewards, most chars won't participate and your reference point is moot. 10 chars attacking against 50+ defenders is useless. On worlds that bring less than 70 chars total (attack+defense) the max limit doesn't really matter...
  14. Harvest time discussion thread

    I just created one for just the-west and using my game name. Membership still pending :D St Patrick alone was burnout. Trying to juggle the Clover + Erie (sp?) quests is ridiculous. So next year, the new server chars will need to do 3 years of quest requirements + whatever else inno dreams up...
  15. Do better inno

    You are saying they're being ignorant. You are saying they don't know the difference. I'm saying it's very reasonable that some flags were added, some more flags were added, flags might have been requested to be added, and nobody ever suggested England. As I've pointed out, there are around...
  16. Do better inno

    You opened the door to racism, not lack of standards. I asked a question - do you think that Inno/TheDevs purposely sat in a room and decided against England? Do you think they purposely sat in a room and said <this country> but <not this country> and it was because of blatant discrimination...
  17. Do better inno

    Ollie - do you think the devs got together, sat in the room and said "hey, these belts, let's purposely leave out England!" ? Look at the belt IDs, these have been added over years. There's a difference between blatant racism and adding things over time and nobody ever thought about it. I'd...
  18. Dueling option

    i don't like chars that constantly KO the same ppl, however, there are options to not getting dueled. also, i find it slightly ironic that you are complaining about <the same char> KOing <the same chars> over and over and over, yet you are in straight shooters in el dorado and it was founded by...
  19. Harvest time discussion thread

    How? It's a full-time job trying to complete a these requirements. These events are why I'm going into vacation mode in all worlds except one. Less worlds, less spending nuggets for premium chars, less revenue for inno.
  20. 7 Days Summer Speed - Feedback

    343 players joined speed world so far 262 above lvl 10 What purpose did this event bring to the 4000+ chars playing .en? At least the fort events could be used to test gear, full battles, bonus, formula, etc that should benefit the rest of the servers. (notice could and should) What's Act 4 of...