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  1. Ranger-Schwartz

    Independence Day 2021 - Feedback

    Hi Hr.Nyborg (9) days into the event, & I am sensing that some are already losing steam. I really think a rocket box that gives extra fireworks every 11.5 or 23 hours would be a good idea and I also think a few (3-4) moderator-dug forts with rewards like we had during the St. Patrick event...
  2. Ranger-Schwartz

    Independence Day 2021 - Feedback

    i love the idea of GM dug battles with fireworks rewards. We asked for that during the St. Patty Event and a few where added. I think 3 or 4 would be all you need to dig during the event to boost attendance and create a lot of buzz. Thanks for all you are doing.
  3. Ranger-Schwartz

    new cm please

    First, Welcome Hr.Nyborg! I am very, very interested in union coming back. The genie is out of the bottle with that set, too powerful or not. Many already have it. For those willing to buy it, please release it this year. Thank you kindly, Ranger So not that i do not want to do...
  4. Ranger-Schwartz

    Moderators: PLEASE make ghosting a "thing"

    In the spirit of this section's name, I have a brainfart/idea. I'm willing to bet I'm not the 100th...maybe not the 500th to come up with it. But I need to get this off my chest as I approach my 600th fort battle over the last 17 months. I am asking the moderators to please consider this very...
  5. Ranger-Schwartz

    updating old items/sets - OUTLAW set

    I 100% agree with Thanatoss and lulumcnoob. It's totally not ignorant to assess the facts. Fact-the outlaw set (like the hombre set and other old sets) had its day. It takes courage to play adventures. Getting free pieces of a bygone set like outlaw because you play lots of those is...
  6. Ranger-Schwartz

    updating old items/sets - OUTLAW set

    the outlaw set is for adventures. the only reason to revamp the outlaw set is to "up" the attack / defense numbers for adventure players. Which is fine. But that would be the reason for inno to update that set. I'm guessing the person wanting this set updated has a bunch of pieces of that set...
  7. Ranger-Schwartz

    Easter Event 2021 - Feedback

    I'm still confused about the sets. Ringo is interestingly just as good (maybe slightly better) as livingston for us adventurers on attacks (I just used ringo on an attack) that is cool (ringo 5 piece combined with summer spirits and level 1 zapata weapons)....but the rest of the sets are...
  8. Ranger-Schwartz

    Update Feedback - 2.147

    kuro....can I appeal to you for a moment? For many hp fort players, it can take an hour or longer to fill the hp needed for forting. These chick shoes are a wonderful thing for us. Also they help immensely for filling energy. Please don't change them. Thanks for all you do.
  9. Ranger-Schwartz

    New fort fighting ranking system

    as a modest leader of some forts...i would cheer this on.
  10. Ranger-Schwartz

    St. Patrick Event 2021 - Feedback

    kuro...can the moderators consider digging another awesomia fort with coin rewards?
  11. Ranger-Schwartz

    St. Patrick Event 2021 - Feedback

    Hello my bro. I think (and I have not started yet so perhaps someone who is doing the new 2021 quests can confirm) but if you do the initial quest under Henry in the then get golden clovers at forts...but i may be wrong. I hope to start the new 2021 event but there is so much now...
  12. Ranger-Schwartz

    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    Hi kuro - you had said another set of forts were possibly getting dug this weekend for Awesomia by the moderators. Is that still a plan?
  13. Ranger-Schwartz

    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    Hello again kuro and the-west team! I am requesting if you can schedule a moderator awesomia dig with bonuses for Sunday evening, 28 February? Then maybe another one the following weekend?
  14. Ranger-Schwartz

    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    Still curious..... kuro...are you here? I had started this thread hoping to know if awesomia bonus forts will be dug by moderators with those extra special hearts / other rewards?
  15. Ranger-Schwartz

    Valentine's Day Event & Update Feedback - 2.143

    Thanks, kuro Are there going to be heart basket rewards (or other bonus hearts) in addition to the hearts accumulated in fort battles as there was last year in the Valentine event? Often these were given out at fort battles that the moderators dug at awesomia,
  16. Ranger-Schwartz

    Gold Rush Quest

    the gold rush quest giver says it ends 28th of February. But some players are saying it ends server time 29 of January at 23:59pm server time. Which is right?
  17. Ranger-Schwartz

    Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2020 Feedback

    Helen...this is the most underrated comment in the entire forum if you are right on it...i'll be trying for my 14 hours of questing here instead of the 77 I would have had to engage in with Charlie starting on Saturday...the only day Maya talks to you at the end of Traveling Circus. I'll post...
  18. Ranger-Schwartz

    WHEN does DOTD start?

    Shiny Owl (thank you brother Shiny) just gave me this (switch off from the greek if you cannot read it):
  19. Ranger-Schwartz

    WHEN does DOTD start?

    Simple question for moderators- a lot of us on Colorado are talking about the event & wondering when it starts. Some are sermizing it begins as soon as tomorrow at this the case? Would be great to know the day AND exact time--ahead of time for planning. Thanks for all you do, mods...
  20. Ranger-Schwartz

    World 1 Closing :(

    I am a Colorado world player. We have averaged 2 digs per day for the Okt-fest event (sometimes 3 in a 24-hour period) & were getting 2 digs p/ day on numerous days each week before the event started (I dig a small fort every Saturday morning). We even have gotten well into the 100's on either...