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  1. Ranger-Schwartz

    Moderators: PLEASE make ghosting a "thing"

    In the spirit of this section's name, I have a brainfart/idea. I'm willing to bet I'm not the 100th...maybe not the 500th to come up with it. But I need to get this off my chest as I approach my 600th fort battle over the last 17 months. I am asking the moderators to please consider this very...
  2. Ranger-Schwartz

    Gold Rush Quest

    the gold rush quest giver says it ends 28th of February. But some players are saying it ends server time 29 of January at 23:59pm server time. Which is right?
  3. Ranger-Schwartz

    WHEN does DOTD start?

    Simple question for moderators- a lot of us on Colorado are talking about the event & wondering when it starts. Some are sermizing it begins as soon as tomorrow at this the case? Would be great to know the day AND exact time--ahead of time for planning. Thanks for all you do, mods...
  4. Ranger-Schwartz

    How much will the fireworks bag be?

    As the title of the thread is much? Does anyone know? Perhaps on beta now?