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  1. Junkz

    Construction Ranking Experience

    Proposal In the same way that the Duel ranking shows the EXP a player has gained in duels, the Construction ranking should show the EXP a player has gained while building. Current Workaround Currently, the construction ranking features your building points, your travel fair building points and...
  2. Junkz

    Adventure Cooldown

    Proposal Issue a cooldown ban to players who join the multiplayer adventure's queue and then fail to ready up for the said adventure. Current Workaround None. Players can join, fail to ready, then join again how many times they want without any kind of limit, penalty or control. Details...
  3. Junkz

    GoldRush Recruiting

    Howdy, partners! :) I'm here to recruit some active players to our town on the new world Idaho Town Name: GoldRush Town Rank: 6 (as of November 20th 2018) Town Points: 77k + What classes are required: Every class is welcome :) Priority goes to builders Number of Open Positions: 5-10 Town...