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  1. Website - English support

    I know it's not being updated anymore, but it keeps saying in-game I need to login first, but I'm logged in on the TWDB site ... Am I the only one or is this a general problem ?
  2. Script TW Collections

    Thanks a lot!
  3. What am I?

    Friendship Bracelet ?
  4. Fireworks

    48k spin got me a premium chest, George Crook's Army Pants inside ... Any guess about how I feel ? ;-)
  5. Website - English support

    Congratz on the exams Petee! Thanks for the info and get well soon! We will survive, for a little while longer ;)
  6. Website - English support

    Thanks for the tip abbyghail ... got gpedit working, but doesn't seem to have effect on chrome when tweaking it as described ... probably due to windows 8.1 ... dev version of chrome works ... let's hope google reverts this decision ... they get enough complaints I think
  7. Website - English support

    gpedit not available on windows 8.1 home edition ... :(
  8. Website - English support

    Seriously ? Damn, didn't even try that ... googled it and read that I had to install chrome dev version ... did that and works again now ... can enable extensions ... Update: Looks like you have to delete and reinstall every time you close your browser ...
  9. Website - English support

    Hail Petee! Milk and cookies for you! Or, if you prefer, a lot of beer ;)
  10. Happy Birthday The West

    Another year has (almost) passed ...
  11. "Hope dies last" quest

    Having a go at the General using these 'settings' ... no luck so far ... even with +15 shooting & aiming Any other tips or tricks ? Minimum requirements of stats ? EDIT: Found other thread:
  12. April Fool's Tombola?

    For me, it's more than big enough ...
  13. April Fool's Tombola?

    It took me some bonds, but I hit the jackpot! Thanks guys!
  14. Eight-hour hay supply

    Ok, guys (and girls), thanks for all the info. Just bought the tongs (using bonds) :cool:
  15. Eight-hour hay supply

    There was an interesting topic in the quest discussion section about whether or not this "Eight-hour hay supply" set is worth the 500 bonds or not. Just wondering whether there are new insights/opinions/... on this. 500 bonds is a lot to spend on a marginal gain of LP as far as I can see. :unsure:
  16. New bond shop - what did you get in a box?

    Fancy Dress Coat ...
  17. New bond shop - what did you get in a box?

    Same here
  18. Website - English support

    Being a collector, I liked the feature to display items in blue, green and red indicating whether I already own the item and, more importantly, whether it improves my ability to perform a certain job (how much LP it will add to a job compared to my current inventory). Any chance of that finding...