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  1. Lord Regal

    World Cup 2018 Contest

    Hello Soccer/Football fans! We hope everyone's been enjoying the World Cup, whether your team is winning, has struggled or lost completely, or if you didn't have a team you were rooting for at all! However, we at The West wanted to do something special for you while this worldwide event is...
  2. Lord Regal

    Update to Version 2.80

    We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.80 on Tuesday, June 26th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change. Shiny golden colt was weaker than the shiny golden sabre The skill values of the shiny golden colt are now the...
  3. Lord Regal

    Soccer event: Announcement

    Howdy, soccer fans! The summer seems to be here. What better time is there to be more active? Maybe it's time for team play ... with the ball? Look around you! Found your team, be a leader and win the match! From June 14th until June 28th you will have a chance to find up to 250 blue...
  4. Lord Regal

    Update to Version 2.79

    We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.79 on Tuesday, June 12th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change. Soccer event 22 players, 2 teams and a ball ... what could it be? Get ready for the wonderful emotions during...
  5. Lord Regal

    Announcement - New travelling fair

    Howdy Cowboys & Cowgirls, The fair has been a long standing feature in our game, but the rewards weren’t always that interesting. Over the last few months, we’ve worked hard to improve these rewards and we are now ready for the grand re-opening! We have a brand new clown set for you to...
  6. Lord Regal

    Read Before Posting!

    This section is for towns wishing to recruit and players wishing to be recruited. All other discussion does not belong in this sub-forum. You may only bump your town's recruitment thread once per seven days. Do not make multiple threads for your town. Players wishing to be recruited...
  7. Lord Regal

    Looking for a Town?

    Are you looking for a town? You can submit your application here for recruiters to consider you! Remember to keep your post up to date until you find a town, and don't forget to edit in that you are unavailable once you find a town. We ask that recruiters contact the candidates in-game so as...
  8. Lord Regal

    Short Story Contest (2014)

    Well folks, through the efforts of Apelatia, I am pleased to announce a short story contest, hosted by the forum staff! What is this contest? This is a contest designed to showcase any writing skills the forum community has. If you wish to enter, your task will to be to write a short story...
  9. Lord Regal

    The Chains of Arunsia

    She’d been alone for days. She had surprisingly not seen any monsters since yesterday, but in this godforsaken world, she knew that couldn’t last. She couldn’t believe this had happened to her. She’d been a good citizen…King Drashk had told her as much when he’d ordered her exile. All she’d...
  10. Lord Regal

    The Final Coliseum: Victory, Death, or Humilation

    Cheers rang out as the Champion of the great Coliseum of Klemstre finished off another rival. It seemed impossible to the citizens that two years ago he was a nobody. Now, no one could best him, or even come close, in the ring of honor. Much of his past was still unknown, but he had become so...
  11. Lord Regal

    Intro to RPing RP

    Howdy there stranger! Welcome to the section of Roleplayers and Storytellers! This here is the Campfire Saloon, where the RPers hang out between stories. It's also any newcomer's first stop to the section after they read the rules. This is where you can try out your skills, as well as to see...
  12. Lord Regal

    The War of the Gods

    The year is 2050. The world is engulfed in a three-way war that seems to have no end, and it is threatening to destroy all of civilization. No one knows exactly how it happened, but on December 21 2012 the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece came out of nowhere with armies of supernatural...
  13. Lord Regal

    New mod

    Well, the forum jobs have been switched around a bit, and I'm your new mod here, so um...hi :)
  14. Lord Regal

    The Perfect Plan

    Xiomar Machiavelli looked out over Venice, Italy. It had been a couple years since the disaster up on the Space Station Pandora, and he had used that time to his fullest advantage. The mission with the Canaries had earned him a get-out-of-jail early card, and he had used it. He had then...
  15. Lord Regal

    Lost Legends

    In the land of Soria, people and animals live in harmony to an extent unheard of by any of the neighboring countries. Every person at the age of 18 is sent into the wild with others of their age to find an animal of their choosing and form an unbreakable bond with them. The method of forming...
  16. Lord Regal

    New Mod

    Well, the forum jobs have been switched around a bit, and I'm your new mod here. (And now the other mods will commence the "run now" comments that always follow this kind of announcement...)
  17. Lord Regal

    Report system

    My life has become slightly more hectic than usual lately, so my forum time has been cut down a bit so I can get all I need to get done done. When I have limited time, I usually only check my other area, and trust you're doing things right here. However, I ask you please feel free to report...
  18. Lord Regal

    The Elements

    In many ancient cultures, there were only four elements that were considered part of the world. These were air, water, fire, and earth. They believed that these elements made up all that existed. However, modern chemists believe they have sufficiently disproved this theory. The knowledge of...
  19. Lord Regal


    Well, congrats to the finalists! No matter what happens, you are the 4 top RPers of all time as voted for by your fellow RPers! Now, good luck to all finalists and may the best man win! RULES: IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINGS ARE DIFFERENT THIS...
  20. Lord Regal

    best RPer of all time semifinals B

    Well, first off congratulations to the RPers who moved on. You are the top 8 RPers this forum has ever seen!! Ok, group A is comprised of the people who placed first in their groups in round one, group B are the second place finishers. A few rules from now on are in order, since we're getting...