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  1. BliXem


    Hi everyone, I don't know if I am going crazy but I just spotted a UFO in my town in Arizona??? Happened to anyone else?
  2. BliXem

    Nov SOTM

    Just curious when the results will be given? It is Jan 2011 already?
  3. BliXem

    Apache Plains - AMA

    We are recruiting and NEED YOU! :ph34r: Town Name: Apache Plains - AMA Town Rank: 123 Town Points: 27236 What classes are required: All are welcome! Number of Open Positions: 10 Town Descriptions: Tailor lvl 9, Gunsmith lvl 8, Gen. Store lvl 9. Where to contact...
  4. BliXem

    WARNING! Rough Player

    WARNING! Rogue Player ROGUE PLAYER The player N00 was invited to my town by one of my town members. He has gone rogueby dismissing all my town members and altered my town profile page to display extreme racism and posted a thread in my town forum also displaying profanity and racism. He...
  5. BliXem

    BliXem's Signature Request Corner

    So if you require a signature for this forum, you are welcome to request it here. Each persons style differs so if my style is something you like, I will try to make you something you like. Please be patient and I will get back to you a.s.a.p! Include the following info: Dimension: File...
  6. BliXem

    That is so lame!

    I asked a guy for a shopping invite and agreed to pay the shopping fee. So I thought I would use the premium feature that cuts the traveling time in half since it is a 7 hour walk. Then I get there and told him I am ready for the invite, hell he even said "welcome" and as I am about to join...
  7. BliXem

    Pure Builder Needed Urgently!!!

    Wellwood Ranked 9th - Pure Builder Needed! Hi there, I am from a town called Wellwood (currently ranked 9th in W12). We are situated in the far Western side of the map. We have over 40 members and our town is growing fast. We however are in desperate need of a pure experienced builder. Any...
  8. BliXem

    Anti-Shadow Allegiance

    Hi there, if there is anyone out there that have been bullied by any Shadow towns and just had about enough of it, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to have you part of our coalition. Who we are: :cool: We are a close knit group of cyber friends (clan) and online gaming is...
  9. BliXem

    Anti-Shadow Allegiance

    IRF-Recruitment Hi there, we are currently looking for experienced Duelers or Soldiers that is up for a fight and would like to test out their newly purchased dueling rig. Please message me if there if any interested members. Kind Regards BliXem
  10. BliXem

    Angel of love (Love with obstacles)

    Busy with this quest line to get to the ghost town quest. I have completed the first quest: Mike and Jenny-Trading (4 hours) but wen I completed the 2nd quest: Love with obstacles - 1 trout, 1 gemstones I click on complete quest but nothing happens, it seems frozen. Any ideas what to do?
  11. BliXem

    General Dueling Policies

    I would like your opinion on a matter dear to me. As I understand dueling, Duelers, Soldiers and Adventurers are fair game. I however get complaints from members coz they are being dueled as Adventurers, I myself am a pure Builder and my policy is that Builders should not be dueled as they...
  12. BliXem

    Ragnarok, Armageddon and Niflheim

    Invite to join the town of Ragnarok, Armageddon and Niflheim Howdy partner' Are you new to this game or an experianced ranch hand? Either way we would love to have you join us in the 'Ragnarok Alliance' out in the mideast of world 11. Currently we have 3 towns so we need new peeps to help us...
  13. BliXem

    My New Siggy Test Run.

    Just finished it. Not to bad for a noob I think. Still want to add the text: "A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood!", or "Nothing is more appealing to a man, than a woman who can kick his ass!" What ya think?