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  1. Buster Custer

    Card Game Poofed

    The Muertos card game has poofed and there is still a day to go before the end of event? ????
  2. Buster Custer

    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    I DO prefer RDO (Red Dead Online) but I still maintain a character here just to see what manner of stupid is going on at any given time. I am rarely disappointed. There has not been a tombola set that has any vague connection to the "Old West" in quite a while. The simplest of things are...
  3. Buster Custer

    New world - choose a name

  4. Buster Custer

    Event Set Free Worlds

    Just too many darn sets period.
  5. Buster Custer

    NON-Western Sets

    Who had the idea to give us these bizarre clothing sets? Carnival Dancer? Bonnie and freaking Clyde? I'm fine with players who will wear female clothing for the bonuses. There are literally thousands of amazing characters available from the American West to choose from. I have no problem with...
  6. Buster Custer

    Harvest Event - Feedback

    Another goofy mini-tombola-quest that goes nowhere and wastes time.
  7. Buster Custer

    Anyone else lonesone on Dakota?

    I tried Juarez for a while just for the Halibut and what a difference people make. Dakota is about empty folks. Time to put it to sleep. Let us migrate out of Dakota.
  8. Buster Custer

    Crafting mini-event and new tradesman feedback

    Sorry if I appear a bit thick. I got a recipe for butter. Then the quest giver shut me out. All the ingredients people can now craft are obscenely expensive. 10k for a wooden whisk? over 9k for fracking butter? WTF? So do I have to spend 50k to buy stuff to make a cake?
  9. Buster Custer

    Crafting mini-event and new tradesman feedback

    So where does one find these new recipes?
  10. Buster Custer

    We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    So I guess I am stuck on Dakota Death World working for womens clothing sets. I am glad we finally get some decent clothes for the women but please do not make me wear them. All my favorite sets are mostly useless. I have in the past purchased nugs but never again on this dead world. What would...
  11. Buster Custer

    DAY & NIGHT IN THE WEST!!! :-)

    Day and night is a good idea. I also would like to see seasons.
  12. Buster Custer

    Market prices limitation

    For the most part named items are useless for new players anyway. A level 21 player is not getting much benefit from level 1 named items. All that fancy gear won't help till you reach near level 80 or 100 anyway.