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  1. xShteff

    New Forum bug

    The bottom navbar is still broken, years after it's been released. You can't expand any drop-downs (drop-ups? see image.) unless you're at the top of the page. It's been fixed on the Beta forums for a while (how long have I been gone?), I believe it's a single CSS string you have to add. pls fix.
  2. xShteff

    Discussion Updated Script Catalog

    Greetings, In this thread you will be able to find a list of the most common used userscripts in the game. If you have information about a script that is not currently on the list, feel free to reply on this thread and make sure you mention some kind of information about it (Install link...
  3. xShteff

    Script xShteff's Silly Script Collection

    Howdy, stranger! This is a topic where I will be posting silly (or useful) scripts, every time I decide to release one. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Scripts are discontinued. No permission to edit them in the future. Please send me an e-mail instead of a private message. Thank you! ~xShteff
  4. xShteff

    Script PM Notifications

    Howdy! Here I am again, this time with a useful (I believe) script! After you install the script, you will notice a small button under the bonds/nuggets display bar (1), that if you click it will request you to allow desktop notifications for the current page (2) Image 1: Image 2...
  5. xShteff

    Script West 2048

    Why? Because potato. I just found out that 2048 is an open source HTML5 game, and the first thing that came in my mind was to make a script so I can play it while playing my favourite browser game (The west) Here's how the window looks like: If you want to play it just press the button in the...
  6. xShteff

    April Fool's Tombola?

    Does anyone know when is the April Fool's tombola gonna start? This image just got leaked from a trusted source:
  7. xShteff

    RIP in peace Elmyr

    :( he's gone
  8. xShteff

    Daily Tactics - Getting rid of the telegram spam!

    Proposal Daily Tactics! Current Workaround Uhm, getting rid of group telegrams/spam or chat topics? Details (I'm not that good with Details) Any Town Founder will be able to set/modify the daily tactics, or if they're too lazy to modify the tactics, they could allow other players (non-town...
  9. xShteff

    It's raining lava!

    Happy birthday slygoxx! Happy Birthday Slygoxx! :cool:
  10. xShteff

    May the fourth be with you

    Star Wars fans will know :rolleyes:
  11. xShteff

    Yup! Onions!

    Happy birthday Elmyr! :razz:
  12. xShteff

    Congrats Futu!

    Congrats Futu for your new job at Innogames! He already made some amazing designs for the game :d
  13. xShteff

    xShteff's Photoshop Shenanigans

    xShteff's image thingies.