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  1. Winter Event 2021 - Feedback

    When you write news about introducing sets that are that bad please add an information about how much money we're gonna make selling all these items to mobile trader.
  2. Update Feedback - 2.142

    yo Raider you better tell them what to do instead of playing waiting game with us by implementing useless updates
  3. Update Feedback - 2.141

    Raider, it takes a while to upload 50gb of files to the servers.
  4. Update Feedback - 2.141

    Is this update so small and pointless that even Raider wont complain here?
  5. Real Recommended World!

    Just came here to say: Hey Kansas guys. Have fun for another year and see you in Colo in 2022
  6. Update Feedback - 2.139

    Lets not go that far. While i do agree that tanks get less love than damagers, it took a while for captains set to be auctionable too.
  7. Aventure Balancing patch!?!?

    When you think about it adventures are in the balance that inno wanted them to be. Unions good and nugget gear, deputy chefs good and nugget, lassos good and you can consider it nuggety too. Its simple. You want to be good? Spend nuggets
  8. Update Feedback - 2.139

    As far as I know multis still exist and we, normal players, are the ones actually affected by that
  9. Update Feedback - 2.139

    Point is, right now I have full summer + cortina while i see others, that can afford cortina, in some unupgraded livi or zapata which obviously makes the game less fun for them
  10. Update Feedback - 2.139

    Why is it so difficult to make new sets auctionable as soon as possible so that nuggeters advantage isnt that long?

    Firstly, no new classes will be introduced. Weve had 4 classes for a while now and even that is (somehow) difficult to balance. Now imagine having more. Secondly (mostly to Raider), no help for new players is coming. Honestly no veteran would be upset if new players got some kind of a starter...
  12. we are coming...

    Once I was just like you guys, I came here from another the-west site and joined the newest, recommended world, which, at that time was Idaho. Guess what, it ended up dying after like a year and now I'm stuck having some items and money on a dead world where I can't even buy anything because of...