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  1. My contest entry - Game 3

    Cake #3 - White Chocolate Cake
  2. My contest entry - Game 2

    YearEvent 2008The West was launched 2009Fort Battles were introduced 2010Pants were introduced 2011Market & Trading implemented 2012The West 2.0 was released 2013The West turned 5! 2014Multiplayer Adventures were introduced 2015Item upgrade added to the game 2016First IFBC event 2017First...
  3. My contest entry - Game 1

    1. Easter 2. Oktoberfest 3. Day of the Dead 4. St. Patrick's Day 5. Independence Day
  4. "2021 Plans"

    I'm more so curious as to whether we'll get a new section of the map, or if new jobs will be added to the existing map. If the Level Cap were to increase, as someone previously mentioned above, we'd most likely see new Jobs appear with Experience Rewards that would reflect the LP requirement to...
  5. Gift Hunt & Holiday Sale 2020 Feedback

    Is it possible to remove the "Popular Item" from the rotating text on items on the Union Pacific Shop. For the 3 rotating items with the 10 limited stock, it's redundant to call something a "Popular Item" when everything in the Shop has that under it. Sort of like if everything's special -...
  6. New world - choose a name

    Kuro's-Bonus Please make nuggets payable to my Fairbank toon.
  7. New world - choose a name

    Let's go with Jackpot since this world is just another Tombolla grab. Hopefully this Casino gets their act together.
  8. Civil War - Feedbacks

    Me: Chef Set is ridiculously overpowered, and this is a dueler talking... Inno: Hold my beer. On the flip side tho, event looks like a very small step in the right direction!
  9. New World - Idaho

    Won't be making a new character, out of principle of going against this current business model.
  10. I could have sworn...we used to FF

    This new world will fix all problems we've been facing, and I for one cannot wait .... To not play on it. #BoycottIdaho
  11. I could have sworn...we used to FF

    Just want to clarify, I totally agree with dropping the number of servers. Just don't see Inno doing it because it goes against their business model. Say player X plays on 4 Worlds, and winds up condensing down to 2 Worlds. Now when "Events" - aka nugget gear - comes out, they only need to spend...
  12. I could have sworn...we used to FF

    I'm sure dropping the amount of "active" servers would drop Inno's profit since players would only have to buy premium sets on a few worlds, but hey they'd save money on running the servers. Would certainly be a bit nicer for us few who still remain to play together with players from most worlds.
  13. Chef Weapon Set

    While it isn't going to fix the issue, some assurance from those in charge that such large jumps in power-gap aren't going to become the new norm would certainly make something like this an easier pill to swallow. And while it isn't always cost effective - returning nuggets to those who...
  14. Count to 00,000

    8091 Won't let anyone near his football
  15. Chef Weapon Set

    I've overlooked a lot of poor development, and community interaction in my years playing this game - but this is looking like the straw that breaks the camel's back. The fact that this thread has been on the recent activity list for weeks now and hasn't been addressed amazes me. If the plan is...
  16. Count to 00,000

  17. Chef Weapon Set

    That would be convenient, but in order for such a server to work the existing Premium & Tombolla gear would need to be removed from inventories of players entering. That'd be a bit of a headache, and I reckon the "New Server" appeal would be dampened a bit if players who didn't transfer were put...
  18. Count to 00,000

    8077 ^ The number of Premium Sets in game
  19. Chef Weapon Set

    While it seems that Inno's current business model is effective for making quick money, but ineffective for the overall health of the game - I'd like to ask. Would players prefer to see a world without Tombollas and "Nugget Only" specials be ran via subscription through a monthly fee (Let's say...