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  1. Reyne

    Character suggestions for events.

    Not sure this is the place for this, and if it's not, please just move or remove it. I have some suggestions for the event writers for character storylines. One is Texas Ranger, John R Hughes. He had a long career as a Ranger and was known as a tenacious man that most criminals feared to...
  2. Reyne

    Script TW-Calc

    Ok, I'm still having issues with getting the "you've got an adblocker script" popup. Short of switching to Firefox, which I'd rather not do, does anyone have any advice or know where I can look for something to turn off? Or is it even a problem on my end? Note: A few days before the popup...
  3. Reyne

    Script TW-Calc

    I don't use Firefox. I use mostly Vivaldi and sometimes Chrome.
  4. Reyne

    Script TW-Calc

    Hi, guys. It seems The West Calc is messing up again. I've got all my ad blockers turned off on both of my browsers and it still shows And it's doing it again. I have all my ad blockers turned off for the west calc on both of my browsers.
  5. Reyne

    Best Product Drop Set

    RaiderTr is correct. As I said I had experimented wearing all the different sets and combinations, with the exception of the Martha's weapon set which I don't have. For me, the combo I listed above works best.
  6. Reyne

    Best Product Drop Set

    Sadly, I don't. I have Martha's horse and saddle. Hope to get the weapon set someday.
  7. Reyne

    Best Product Drop Set

    After experimenting with the various sets, I've found the best all-around drop set is the combo of American clothing set + Edison weapon set + Spiritualist animal set. It matches most jobs or beats (in the low drop jobs such as collect lotus flowers and hunting grizzly bears) the full American...
  8. Reyne

    New world - choose a name

  9. Reyne

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    I could get behind this. Or even something like fort maneuvers, where it separates practice from real fort battles.
  10. Reyne

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    Thank you to the very nice people who were patient and gave me a chance. They didn't make me nervous (or at least no more nervous than I was making myself), and we actually had a victory! asdf124, thank you for posting your how-to. The weapon and gear guide helped. :)
  11. Reyne

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    I think it was the cheating comment that got to me. I don't even know how that's possible.. And I certainly am not disputing adventures are part of the game. But they are so different from duels and fort fights. I have learned the mechanics at least. Maybe not all the nuances of strategy, though.
  12. Reyne

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    I don't really know where to start. Some us of hate adventures and only play them when forced to achieve a quest. It's not the whole quest, just a fraction of it. It must be done in order to achieve an item or to finish a quest. Come on, some of us quest because that is one of the draws to...
  13. Reyne

    Migration from old worlds.

    Thank you, Nissa, for responding. I posted the links in a telegram in game. HelenBack took it farther with a telegram to let EVERYONE know. It was surprising how many people wouldn't know without that telegram. Most don't read these forums, and wouldn't know to send in a ticket until it was too...
  14. Reyne

    Migration from old worlds.

    There is also a lot of confusion for those who do not know HOW to migrate. Most know that you must not login until migration is complete. One person was confused because their choice of world was grayed out, so they wondered if the world was full. Someone else said it takes five days, another...
  15. Reyne

    World 1 Closing :(

    Can anyone tell me what worlds we will be allowed to migrate to? I don't want to move this character from world 1 only to find out the world I move it to is closing down as well. Besides World 1, I play on Arizona, Colorado, and Dakota. Are any others open for migration that won't be closing...
  16. Reyne

    Website - English support

    It also messes up recommended job items.
  17. Reyne

    Bring Back Migration of Servers

    Futu, they may not be at the levels they were in their heyday, but they are not dead. Inno should not have opened new worlds. They should have promoted the worlds they currently had, but they are not dead. AZ sure isn't. We have active battles (and please for goodness' sake, don't base...
  18. Reyne

    Too Duel Centric

    Hi. :) Risk is one thing, and not unwelcome. It's when they become impossible (without reskilling) to do, risk or not, that ruins it for some. :)
  19. Reyne

    New World Name Suggestions!

    I think Fairbanks. Alaska was the last frontier. Personal favorite, Fairland.
  20. Reyne

    Pirate invasion on W1

    The problem I have is that I work weekends and the event is so short-lived (only on one weekend). Otherwise, I would have LOVED to join. I think it's pretty awesome.