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  1. Poker Alice

    Is drinking milk bad for Humans?!?!

    Some say the ability to digest milk properly is a result of lactase persistence mutations that many adults adapted to over time. Not everyone has the same genes? We can keep in mind that everyone is different and might well have different outcomes when it comes to food and medicine. - science...
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    Once upon a time . . . a psychologist decided to conduct an experiment not connected with intelligence but solely on disposition tendencies in children. For the test two very different boys were selected. Both were told they would be going to a farm where they would see some very special horses...
  3. Poker Alice

    Spec Ops

    Who knows, sometime in the distant future I might post in this section too. Shall we happily bump each other or will it be a selfie bump war? lol
  4. Poker Alice

    Inventory Sets

    Good one for the wish list. Myself I don't mind the clicks that much. For example when I teach the little children at the school on the prairie always make sure to go in with a knife and a shotgun for you never know when you might need one. They can be brutal, lol. :boone:
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    Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

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    Where is this place called now? > necro-deep :-D
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    you love me scene - a youtube vid- 1:52 minute long however low quality reproduction sorry about that, only one of that particular scene could find
  8. Poker Alice

    we are coming...

    sorry, what means ? Ru-zone = non-fullPremium (in Colorado) = Towers as Defenders = (an alliance?)
  9. Poker Alice

    New World

    A big thank you goes to everyone working behind the scenes in the western world so as to keep the wagon wheels rolling. We all know 2020 has/is being a challenging year for the entire world. In the spirit of good we all can try to keep in mind that others too have been and are being affected to...
  10. Poker Alice

    New world - choose a name

    Klondike for all the lovely ladies.. and of course the gold
  11. Poker Alice

    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    In that case, who is going to report or enforce someone for breaking a rule then? o_O Is there any particular rule you might want to change or create if you could? I decided in the beginning not to use any scripts because it would feel like I wasn't playing the game but that the bot was having...
  12. Poker Alice

    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    @asdf124 I'm attempting to understand the logic behind the rules. If "taunting" is mentioned in the rules of the game as allowable then isn't that a contradiction to the other rules? Why is noob even mentioned? - was my question. Not all rules are even ever enforced but in place if needed.
  13. Poker Alice

    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    lol means laughing LOUD at something which appears funny inexperienced - Noun: A person new to in a job or situation, a novice, a beginner. antonym? = noob = . . . having no respect for . . .:p
  14. Poker Alice

    Game Rules changes 2020 - Questions

    Absolutely agree. Noob is allowed. Why is noob considered to be respectful? "Noob is widely used by gamers as an insult during games and in memes–and sometimes as self-deprecation. Gamers or folks steeped in internet culture also use noob as a general insult for a naive, foolish, or clumsy...
  15. Poker Alice

    How Long Until ...

    Looking up at the last few comments on this page - - - What the hell is it if it isn't a roll-playing-game? Let me check on what it says in the games description! Wait for it! What don't have time? Then go do something else then turkey. Okay, the description got checked. Yes, that is what the...
  16. Poker Alice

    Contagious Virus

    @Nisa Don't know you that well to give a character reference. Gamer's in general who have been playing for years that help new people just starting out can be appreciated. They share their experience about a game's strategies to new people who just joined and want to learn fast track. Warlords...
  17. Poker Alice

    How Long Until ...

    @Joe Kidd I'm sorry a reference to the Confederacy bothers you based on your past experiences. I think I will agree with you that in a game the confederate symbol has little context and it now seems to me how someone feels about something is all relative to a persons past experience @Vishnje I'm...
  18. Poker Alice

    How Long Until ...

    understand if you are busy @Vishnje just wondering what you meant by bs being stopped but whatever @Nisa I know what you mean do we ride along with parrot's lol but I tried to make a connection with the western United States in the early 1800's and James Madison' parrot. History records the...
  19. Poker Alice

    How Long Until ...

    @Vishnje You have a mate. Super. Not sure what "bs" you meant? Care to elaborate?
  20. Poker Alice

    Contagious Virus

    Sorry, what is IFBC ? I agree constructive feedback is 100% better than complaining.