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  1. Laural

    New background moves on its own

    In-game name: Laural Affected worlds: (all (I think) Browser: Chrome Type of Bug: (other.) Description: For the past few days, My background screen will randomly begin to spin, sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally. Also at times my map (upper right) randomly won't work right...
  2. Laural

    Tornado Alley is still open, and friendly to any who blow in

    As the title says, we are open and welcome new members as always. World 1 is soooo special to those of us who remember the absolutely wild addiction the classic game (in early days) was to us in 2008/9. World 1 should be open to those who want to migrate 'back' . :)
  3. Laural

    login in error msg

    As of today, I cannot login to any of my worlds. I get an 'attention' notice saying the longin data does not match. Never had this before. :( I got a message in my email saying that I had a message on The West and the direct link given was to unsubscribe to further messages. What is going...
  4. Laural

    Stone County has something for you!

    Stone County has something for you... That's right! Stone County is a great place for settlin'. We've got something for every class, level, and style. There are 6 fully built towns, perfect for the dude of any class that wants to have a great base to level in with great shops at his...
  5. Laural

    Resolved What is the Fort banner/logo/image code?

    I have seen some forts with logos/images like the town 'flag' thing. Only there is no browse function to choose and use. So my question, is there a code that management can use to add an image to the fort front 'page' ? I've tried using the link option and that doesn't work as an image. :)...