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  1. asdf124

    Thank you for your feedback! Actual feedback

    This just sounds to me: "We will try to screw the players in another way." Edit: If you want more choices, just ask...
  2. asdf124

    New world?

  3. asdf124

    Events like Gold rush and IFBC are unfair

    The reason why they are unfair is due to the fact that their are certain scripts which are legal in other servers. While here its illegal. A lot of players in the other languages decided to simply cheat by getting help in gold rush, as well as getting the script which lets them know each...
  4. asdf124

    Not a bug A Holiday hot potato game

    Is the questline supposed to be repeatable?
  5. asdf124

    Njubness level extraordinary!

    Why did anyone waste 4000 bonds or nuggets on that individual item? If they wanted to save for ff's or adventures. The medal of bravery at sea is 100% better!
  6. asdf124

    Roadmap 2013 feedback

    Strike through ones are the ones implemented. Bold and underlined ones are the ones I wish to see and shall comment on.
  7. asdf124

    Modified winchester isn't auctionable at half price.

    Credit goes to lucky cro, she found it first. You can't auction it for half the price while most rifles over level 20 you can.
  8. asdf124

    Market search versus inventory search

    Why is the market search worse than the inventory search? It feels weird that you can search for a certain set in the inventory, while not so much in the market search. Inventory search is better than market search, and I find it weird that they use a different search mechanism. Example...
  9. asdf124

    Wrong image for mate tea

    Mate tea looks like a pumpkin now, just a small visual error. Not really game breakin or anything.
  10. asdf124

    Premium bags for bonds/nuggets in xmas

    Proposal Premium bags for items of the year in collector sets. Details Similar to christmas bags but with this year's premium sets. The only way to simply not overkill none premiums, and let em have a way to taste premium sets. The bags would be available only in christmas event. Abuse...
  11. asdf124

    Spooky fort battle review

    How about you making the rewards a permanent thing in events? Maybe then people would actually put more effort :P
  12. asdf124

    New Last year's flowers reusable?

    Seems like last years flower were usable only if I had this year's big flower basket available to use. Note: this is my character in eldorado.
  13. asdf124

    6x premium offer gone

    Looks like early christmas gift is gone :mad:
  14. asdf124

    Change resistance to damage percentage reduction

    Proposal Change resistance to dmg reduc. Details The damage reduction can be 0.2 multiplied with resistance.(Suggestive rating) If the hit does 1700, it can be reduced to at most by 75% to a mere 425. Abuse Prevention Cap it at a certain percentage? 75%? The cap should be dynamic to prevent...
  15. asdf124

    Adventure bear hunt mode!

    Proposal Reintroduce bear hunt mode without the AI. Details Bear hunt adventure looked like one of the best adventure game modes that never reached the west. How about we let a player control it(bear), and play against a team of adventurers. The bear's hp/damage will be somehow balanced by the...
  16. asdf124

    New Relogin bug

    it asks me to login again whenever I logged into the West today. Tried refreshing, logged in using phone doesn’t work.
  17. asdf124

    Can't load after 254

    Is it just me? I fixed it using a proxy.... :confused:
  18. asdf124

    Fort fights to the next level?

    Proposal Introduce healing, speed, reloading skills, injury prone and remove rounds from fort fights! Injuries, bleeding and maybe poison Details: Speed would be formulated by Strength/mobility/Horseback riding/speed of horse/animal instincts/stamina while hp is penalty upon how fast you can...
  19. asdf124

    Peacock upgraded set gives wrong bonus

    peacock level 1 shouldn't give 16% rather 17%. feather too does the same thing. 15% increased by 10% is 1.5 and that should be rounded to 2.... level 2 is the correct value but doesn't have correct increase.(from 16% to 18% is 2%)
  20. asdf124

    Randomize value in fort battles

    Proposal Add ~10%+ to 75% of attack value/defense value to randomized value to lower luck factor into chances to hit/dodge. Details The chances to hit/dodge is just a maker for randomized number which is then compared to the opposition. So, that is all about luck. Where as having at least 10%...