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  1. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    They recently updated the fair, so this was the first time it was open since that update.
  2. New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    In fairbank the circus was 99% complete, we were just collecting the last fancy jewels. So we got no bonds, but did get to put in all the work and products.
  3. Week 11 bidding is open!

    That Gergory is a funny guy XD Thanks for working for me, its been a good week. Now waiting to see what he collected :)
  4. Week 11 bidding is open!

    Thank you Nisa :)
  5. Week 11 bidding is open!

    Yeah im exited as well, so im wondering when I get the support ticket with the contact info and all that.
  6. Week 11 bidding is open!

    Day 1 in week 11 yes. But they keep old competitions time in the announcement thread. They say there it will end on 23.59 on Sundays. I overlooked the modified time in this thread, because I didn't know it was subject to change. And I would expect from a company to change the announcement they...
  7. Week 11 bidding is open!

    yeah thats true. Ill hear what the mods have to say. I didnt see that they changed the time on the closing of this week. So yeah that time is long passed now. Great job on confusing the heck out of me innogames! :mad: I Guess I have to read the original announcement where they put all...
  8. Week 11 bidding is open!

    Well, I hope they can clear this up so I know if I need to overbid you or not.
  9. Week 11 bidding is open!

    oh, no im not trying to get you out of this bidding. I just want to clarify. I don't mind someone to bid against :D Gotta do something with that money :D
  10. Week 11 bidding is open! Post 3
  11. Skill point interface

    Ah ok, so there is a workaround. Thank you for adding that.
  12. Make all of the outlaw set auctionable

    With the age of adventure, I am pretty sure there are quite some outlaw guns from playing adventures. I played a few adventures, sometimes I'm in the OP team sometimes im in the team getting owned from round 1. I get a loot chest every now and then, that means its not impossible. I think...
  13. Skill point interface

    Simple suggestion so Ill try to keep it short. I like to suggest a way to distribute a larger amount than 1 to skills/attributes. (I suggest to also implement this for easy decreasing, using the shaman) Currently you have to click once to add one point to that skill/attribute, not a big...
  14. Hidden mods/devs

    This thread.... oh my.... GOLD I must have heard crazy stories, but I never connected it to the game designers or mods to secretly do it to create something wild.
  15. Week 11 bidding is open!

    Alright! A chance is a chance! :laugh:
  16. Week 11 bidding is open!

    IplugNplay , Dakota , Gregory McTubby , 200k p.s. can a character collect an item like key.3 for me?
  17. Rip-off chests :(

    Well, that isnt a healthy relationship XD
  18. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    Mhh its not like we can't see who is hiding (offliners) Its harder to spot online hiders, but thats not the problem i am tackling :S
  19. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    I was just wondering, and decided to ask here because i must not be the first to think about it. I don't see why people would oppose to it. Only the generals would be able to see where targets are set. and only before the battle. Yes that information is still quite sensitive so it shouldnt be...
  20. The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    I got an idea: in the Fort battle recruit screen, add what people set target for. Currently in the recruit screen you can see where that person is on the field via a minimap. I would like to see what people set target for. For offline selection purposes. What do you think?