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  1. New adventures bugs

    They won't start, again. I tried 3 times, always the same.
  2. New adventures bugs

    So I'm not the only one where adventures don't start?! Lucky, somehow...
  3. Why Force People To Adventer?

    Playing in an old world adventures were the only thing that made it at least a bit interesting. But now I'm (too) fed up with all those players who quit playing after an adventure started, newbies and experienced players, of people who insult each other or me and those who leave the other team...
  4. Why Force People To Adventer?

    Agreed, there are many newbies who don't care about what more experienced players try to tell them. And this happens very often. If this happens too often and you lose several games in a row because of such players it's no wonder some players get aggressive. But on the other hand it seems to...
  5. New adventures bugs

    I just had the same. It said 'An error occured: hash mismatch' when an adventure was about to start and then nothing. Even restarting the browser didn't help (Firefox). It's the 1st time. I had no problems the days before when others seemed to have them.
  6. Adventures: Minimum lvl. to take part + an idea

    *push* Anything new? And I'd like to add another proposal: No adventures without a gun!
  7. Mortician is messed up

    And when will that be?
  8. Eastwood's poncho gone?!

  9. Eastwood's poncho gone?!

    This happened to me and another player of my town in Fairbank - Eastwood's poncho, which I got today in a free duel, suddenly disappeared from my inventory. Any explanation for this?
  10. Adventures: Minimum lvl. to take part + an idea

    It should only be possible to start in an adventure from a certain lvl. on. It makes no sense and destroys the game for the others when you have lvls. <10 in your team. Many even don't have a gun and/or are just inactive, do nothing. When I see such a player I leave adventures by now. It would...
  11. Xmas quest gone?

    Well my question was about this quest where you have to have these loads of products. It's only the 12th day that's still missing for me.
  12. Xmas quest gone?

    Thank you for your answers :) Let's hope it comes back.
  13. Xmas quest gone?

    The repeatable holiday quest (xmas) from Henry (lvl. 15 / 2nd to A holiday spook (Happy Holidays, Henry Walker!) is not longer available at the ghost town. In it's said this quest can be made until 06.01.. That's why I didn't hurry to finish it. Is this a bug? ( I really hope so)...
  14. Xmas bags

    Really? What do you think why I ask here? maybe some mods do know something.
  15. Xmas bags

    I never could have thought myself they'd be out on xmas... :hmf: Whenelse then? Stupid answer. If you don't know better say nothing. I wanted to know if they come again and if, when then. Try to read.
  16. Xmas bags

    'Bags' with nice stuff in them. Inno must have earned a fortune with them last year^^
  17. Xmas bags

    I already heard many asking about xmas-bags. Will they come this year too and, if so, when? Or is this a secret? ;)
  18. Xp bar shows doesn't show xp anymore

    Does anybody know how I can re-change this bar (above the 'Shop' - button) that actually shows how many xp points one has? I clicked in 'achievements' on something and now this bar shows me how many % are still missing until I reach the achievement 'I'm used to this' but I want to see my xp...
  19. Nugget Price Change

    @killado Please tell me what countries get more nuggets after this change. In Germany it's 50 nuggets less too (when buying 1.000 resp. 950 now). I can't believe this was made as benefit for the users, inno just wants to earn even more money.
  20. Nugget Price Change

    How's that supposed to work? I can't pay in UK£ from Germany?! Anyway I only get 950 nuggets instead of 1.000. Why is it 50 nuggets less now?