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  1. Looking for a town,in begginer area,i think :)

    Found a Town,Thank you for reading :)
  2. Newb,just hit lvl 15 :)

    Thank you both :)
  3. Newb,just hit lvl 15 :)

    Found this game about two days ago and i'm enjoying it,went for soldier and have posted a looking for town ad in the Colarado section. I'm thinking of next week buying some stuff,but at my lvl it seems the VIP bonus that looks best,is there another "subscription" service I am not seeing ...
  4. Looking for a town,in begginer area,i think :)

    Coming up on lvl 15,thinking of soldier atm,need a friendly english speaking town that i can badger with Q's Edit,I would deeply prefer a No Drama town Only been playing two days so havn't invested in game yet,maybe next friday though