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  1. another dueling option??

    How about if things just cost more money for them? Like an outlaw "fee"? Let's say in the real Wild West, you were an outlaw and you came into a town that's heard of your exploits. You're obviously not going to be welcomed with open arms. The lawmen would be on your toes. So perhaps when a...
  2. another dueling option??

    I like this idea a lot TR :) Personally I am not confused at all by this idea... it's basically a replacement of Duel Level, which is what all Duellers are searching for if Inno's going to go against 0 Mots. The percentages and whatnot could be worked out by Inno staff. Everything about this...
  3. Umbria Recruiting

    Finally time to update this! We currently have 245,861 town points (building), 10,016 fort points, 11,620 member points and 267,554 town points total. Our town is rank 17. We are now the proud owners of the fort "Tom Selleck" and the county "Umbriaception". We are also in the top 10 on...
  4. Bond Conversion.

    Great idea, go for it! Not having a bond cap would be even better, like what GG said, but this idea would be a great alternative. Yes from me!
  5. Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts

  6. Count to 10,000

    2608 :)
  7. Umbria Recruiting

    HELLO to all townless members of Dakota! I am Sater (the founder and current mayor of my town, Umbria), and I am looking for more active citizens! We currently have 51,405 town points (building), and 53,847 town points total. Our town is rank 59. Any classes are allowed to join...