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  1. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.111

    Speaking of the dotd feedback, I am more concerned with the *lasting for 3 days longer for your enjoyment*. Why not make these tombolas 24/7/365 and call it done?
  2. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.110

    And this is something I agree with. Thank you for posting something relevant on this thread(besides the union set hate, resistance formulas, etc, etc).
  3. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.110

    And again....keep it on topic. What you have said/whined about has nothing to do with this update.
  4. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.110

    To keep this on topic about the update(versus the usual hate towards Union Set/leadership builds), the drop to 40 Dodges is kinda pointless. I would have rather seen the time limit changed. When has 6 days been a limit in this game? 7 days yes, but 6? With the dead world's and lack of...
  5. Kidd Kalypso

    Downgrading Items

    No money in it for inno, so......doubt it will ever happen. Same as lowering duel levels. But good luck in trying.
  6. Kidd Kalypso

    Inno "rabbits" or "bots" in Events

    Kidd? I heard that guy was retired. Zero bans on his account. But what do I know? Just an occasional dueler/forter on the dead world of Zona. Time to ease on off for a quick 9 holes at my local course, have a great one all.
  7. Kidd Kalypso

    Save us, Kuro....

    Let me assist........ Please put that on my tab in Briscoe.
  8. Kidd Kalypso

    New world - choose a name

    Just want to make my boat payment........
  9. Kidd Kalypso

    New EN World rumors

    I am sure you know what that means......good for a few points ;) I would like to know more of future merges vs. new world's though.
  10. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.108

    Nothing of that set is worth it imo.....besides, it is a bugged set. Did you see the rifle yet? :P
  11. Kidd Kalypso

    Update Feedbacks - 2.100

    Only been that way for what? 18-24 months? The live servers being the guinea pigs for updates I mean.
  12. Kidd Kalypso

    New town hat

    The next tombola scam...........I am sure something like that will happen.
  13. Kidd Kalypso

    Increase Maximum Friends

    With the lack of QA, do you even think that would happen bug free if at all? Good luck though.
  14. Kidd Kalypso

    The West World Records 6

    144....but I am special ;)
  15. Kidd Kalypso


    Did someone say beers?
  16. Kidd Kalypso


    Troublemaker? Me? Good seeing you still kicking around dell. You get bored, come have a lobster tail and beer with us.
  17. Kidd Kalypso


    Funny stuff coming from a toon named lulu that is wearing a skirt ;) Please carry on, good stuff :P
  18. Kidd Kalypso


    Funny....futu responded? Thought he quit. Always welcomed but he is definitely buying :P
  19. Kidd Kalypso


    I will of course be there with the crew ;) Always look forward to hoisting a few beers with you deiben. And on a totally different rant, before every mod gets their collective panties in a twist, perhaps relocate this in the off topic forum.
  20. Kidd Kalypso

    New Crafting 2.0 already broken?

    Tbh deiben, it was a known April's fools joke, but I was still hopeful it was legit. An easy quest for a decent item for the lower level players at least.