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  1. Iam Keyser Soze

    Who won the Easter Event?

    I think you mean Who bought the Easter event
  2. Iam Keyser Soze

    New Crafting 2.0 already broken?

    It would be just like Inno to take something players actually want and make a joke out of it...
  3. Iam Keyser Soze

    Website - English support

    I realize the set was updated but either the set bonus is broken or the calculator is. The calculator says to use it but it comes in at a much lower LP than the clothing suggested by using the in job calculator.
  4. Iam Keyser Soze

    Website - English support

    Why does my calculator keep giving me the St. Patricks day set as a top choice for jobs all of the sudden? Some kind of St. pattys day joke?o_O
  5. Iam Keyser Soze

    Additional Chat Room

    If you feel like taking the initiative you can already create custom chat rooms with the command /join [room name]. You can create a private room, name it "Trade Only" or whatever, then share that in the existing saloon chat and see if anyone joins.
  6. Iam Keyser Soze

    Duels promote griefing

    Agree with Pankreas. There are other games out there if you don't like being dueled and can't be bothered to self KO.
  7. Iam Keyser Soze

    What is the most active world right now?

    The difference there is anyone can buy as many set items as are available on the market using in game currency and not nuggets. Even after the initial event release of these items more can be found in later events for free or using bonds, ie Christmas bags. Upgrading gear in not limited...
  8. Iam Keyser Soze

    What is the most active world right now?

    If you prearrange a duel, fort battle or adventure to gain an unfair advantage it's a bannable offense....but if you pay for your unfair advantage? Well.....that's ok. C'mon Inno. Not sure about fort fights but if your planning on dueling I would only do it in Colorado. At least that way you...
  9. Iam Keyser Soze

    Adventures for the disenfranchised.

    Simplest thing to do would be to create levels "beginner" for those of us who only do them for quests. "Intermediate" for the more regular and "Expert" for the everyday players. which class you fit into would need to be taken out of the hands of players who may be experts trolling the...
  10. Iam Keyser Soze

    The Brain Farts - Brainstorm of ideas here

    That would be easier for many of us, I admit there are times I have to stop and think about the date :confused: But the date and times are done the way they are to synchronize the game worlds for every player no matter what country/time zone they are in. And if your easily confused like me :p...
  11. Iam Keyser Soze

    Town Cinema

    deiben is probably right, or at least close. But the contest Lucky mentions could probably be an ongoing thing. Not as a contest but as fan/player submittal. Players would make short Inno game themed clips to be played in the movie theater. Wouldn't cost Inno anything to produce or upload it...
  12. Iam Keyser Soze

    Redo quest

    Agree with WmCody
  13. Iam Keyser Soze

    Ohanzi's art

    Good stuff Ohanzi. If your taking suggestions I think tongue-in-cheek is more keeping with The West tradition :D
  14. Iam Keyser Soze

    New West point repeatable

    I was told in a support ticket that the 3rd part was bugged and could expect a fix at the next update...
  15. Iam Keyser Soze

    Secret of the west birthday cake

    speaking of stacking regen bonuses....right now I'm using Bass Reeves' set at +20% Collin's weapons +20% and the Secret Birthday cake +50% = +90% Fridolin's horse just for HP Anyone got a better suggestion? Didn't really feel like starting a whole new thread for this but I will if needed.
  16. Iam Keyser Soze

    New The circus fair has been taken hostage!(gone)

    Thinking the first release when the fair opened without a build time or products was just picking up where it had left off.....I took a chance and donated products and spent some time building when it reset the next day, maybe the first opening was bugged I thought. Now just hoping I will be...
  17. Iam Keyser Soze

    Luck vs Luck Chance

    Waaaaayyy back when there used to be a colored luck wheel that would give you a rough idea of luck chance. Now you just need to assume it is somewhere between 0 and 100% and that percent is different on every job. Wearing luck gear will increase that unknown luck chance by whatever % it says...
  18. Iam Keyser Soze

    Script TW-Calc

    Yes sorry your right of course about the pinning. But there still remains an issue with the settings for the west calc resetting, job bar and duel panel keep popping up after set to "hide".....craft window change etc. I have had some computer issues lately soooooo again, is it just me or are...
  19. Iam Keyser Soze

    Script TW-Calc

    Marcus I gotta say I am really luving The West Calc, it has become more and more of a go-to for me but I need to ask.......what is up with the constant resets lately? Is it just me? Seems like every time I log in I have to re-do my settings and preferences not to mention pinned items.