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  1. lulumcnoob

    Day of dead stuff unavailable in Xmas bags?

    We are living in the darkest timeline. This has caused one of the biggest community backlashes i've seen for a long time though over on the beta forums, which is kinda cool.
  2. lulumcnoob

    Better Opening Time for Travelling Fair?

    I legit forgot that having to build the travelling fair was a thing, that's how quickly it gets built and how seriously outdated the feature is - But it's still near the bottom of the "Order the consequences of our game design choices should be fixed in" list for me.
  3. lulumcnoob

    Friday Sale Feedback

    £50, for an old set, as a "thank you" to players. Oof. Completely out-of-touch with reality. Call it as it is, you're exploiting this dying community with a premium only sale, as is tradition on this great Capitalist holiday, right after they are thankful for all that they have nonetheless...
  4. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    It is definitely not worth advertising the game in its current state, it would simply annoy people if they decided to try this out. Improve fort battles, maybe move everyone onto one or two worlds so there's enough players for PVP, and then we can talk about minor advertising. Most of my...
  5. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    Battles, chat, scrolling around the map, pointer events all work as intended, on chrome at least. But you're right, you'll probably only hear about it from another player.
  6. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    Mfw inno release a fort battle balance patch An app would be cool but if you have a new enough phone, everything works fine on chrome thanks to diggo, so definitely more important to rebalance pvp first.
  7. lulumcnoob

    Where could I report someone?

    If you have a suspicion of a cheating player, you report them in a ticket via the link Raider posted. The staff will check their accounts and take appropriate action against cheaters, and no repercussions on the reporter if they turn out to be legit. I disagree with the mentality of ignoring...
  8. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    We would be here anyway, and complaining about the absolute state of the game is literally all we have left as a community.
  9. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    Attacks have been known to be OP when filled for years, I believe there were even plans to equalise the numbers of attack and defence that were seemingly scrapped around the time we stopped caring about not destroying battle balance with out of control tombola set strength.
  10. lulumcnoob

    Situation of the Game

    Yes, nuggeters tend to congregate in one place because they are competitive in nature - we saw that early on in idaho and I have to take your word for World J. There was also in Idaho's case an alliance set up with the intention to directly counter the nugget alliance using experience and...
  11. lulumcnoob

    Update Feedbacks - 2.113

    Making improvements to the tombola interface isn't really what the game needs. It tells me that you'll work on the money farming features but not the things that people actually play this game for like forting and duelling, and strongly reaffirms my decision not to spend nuggets anymore...
  12. lulumcnoob

    Spooky fort battle review

    In a timeline where workers and advents pick Damager because it gives higher personal rewards, no, it isn't.
  13. lulumcnoob

    Spooky fort battle review

    I'd like to commend the players I saw who did try to keep things balanced with information relating to the numbers of signups being available for most players. There's a lot of potential improvements that could be made, but I'm not sure if the team has the manpower to do anything more than...
  14. lulumcnoob

    Spooky fort battle review

    Midnight ST is 11pm in the UK/12am in EU, too late for a lot, dinner time in the parts of the US, bad time for a lot of them, and ~10am in Australia, bad time for most. The problem with a compromise, thought the best compromise is one that screws everyone equally, is it doesn't really suit...
  15. lulumcnoob

    Dueller class needs to nerfed.

    They very rarely took Beta feedback into account after the first couple of years of tombola simulator, we say "this set is too strong, be aware of power creep", they ignore it and release as is. rinse and repeat making that server and any resemblance of quality control a complete joke for a...
  16. lulumcnoob

    Dueller class needs to nerfed.

    I appreciate what you're trying to do Buck... Money's the only thing that will change anything, but obviously the concern at this point is Inno deciding to just yeet The West's servers if the p2w gambling loot-box money stops rolling in. This paragraph really hit me when I read it. All I ever...
  17. lulumcnoob

    The Bible....

    You make fun of yourself buddy, I'm hardly seeking to change any minds on a dead forum, just posting a past experience and my current opinion on the topic we're discussing here. First time being branded an Enemy of God though, that's metal as hell, I like it.
  18. lulumcnoob

    Update Feedbacks - 2.111

    I believe DotD event should be replaced by a button that just says "you lose" when you press it, at least them there wouldn't be all this pageantry about it and we, the players, still get the same end product - absolutely nothing.
  19. lulumcnoob

    New Last year's flowers reusable?

    I tried that, it removed the pots from inventory on idaho.
  20. lulumcnoob

    Feedback: New forum layout