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  1. Tucker Blue

    Best movies so far?

    Seen a few 2019 movies, mostly good. Avengement was seriously fun to watch. It's a Scott Adkins offering for this year. If you've seen an Adkins film you know what you're signing up for. Action, and loads of it. Well he beefed up his acting chops for this one too as well as the action. So much...
  2. Tucker Blue

    Duels will become extinct.

    i have now put all my ATT on DEX and all my SKL on Aim and Dodge for my first stat combo attempt. i'm betting it's some not so obvious stat combo but i'll start with obvious. LVL 2 upgrade - Mountain Farmer's Hat, Scarf, Belt, Pants, Boots. Shepherd's Wooden Stick, Friendly Sheep. LVL 1 upgrade...
  3. Tucker Blue

    Duels will become extinct.

    There are a few players that have figured out "the magical stat combo" that allows them both on attack or defense to score every hit on you until you're ko'd while evading every single shot you take on them. i reskilled to pure duel stats and i even take out top duelers in their duel gear with...
  4. Tucker Blue

    What do i gotta do?

    Premium advent with Courtier and 1000 dodging. ONE THOUSAND! +3 defense, +70 resistance. Hits taken: 17 Dodged shots: 20 54% dodge rate? Seriously? No ghosts, not even in a round vs 4 attackers. Was getting hit by nobodies. Nobodies! The duelers were scoring crits like it was no big thing...
  5. Tucker Blue

    Grab Bag!

    Brasil ??? #1 ??? #2 (as heard @1:42:00 in Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby) ??? #3
  6. Tucker Blue

    Grab Bag!

    Eesti ??? #1 ??? #2 ??? #3
  7. Tucker Blue

    Rare items are not.

    *****THIS THREAD IS NOW A PETITION TO HAVE STEEL LINED BOXES REMOVED FROM "RARE" CATEGORY OF TOMBOLA SPINS***** (replace with nothing, the category can stand to lose one item flat out) TO SUBMIT A VOTE TO HAVE STEEL LINED BOX REMOVED TYPE "AYE" IN ALL CAPS. (so it's clearly visible)
  8. Tucker Blue

    The life of Duncan MacLeod

    Someone painstakingly took all the flashbacks from Highlander: The Series and placed them in chronological order. Here is the 17th century, the others are easy to find.
  9. Tucker Blue

    Downgrading Items

    There is an achievement to unlock for having multiple upgraded items in your inventory. There's one for level 3 upgraded items i believe. There are many cheap items to buy that can be upgraded for these though. Animals available in every General Store for instance. Instead of fixing things that...
  10. Tucker Blue

    Rare items are not. After another duplicate baker apron and another duplicate munich pants we're right back to the steel lined boxes. ***INNO STAFF ATTENTION*** Why is something i can buy in at least 50 towns in Galveston considered rare? Do i need to start a petition to remove...
  11. Tucker Blue

    Rare items are not. Again......this is ridiculous. Are these drops coded to get crappier the longer the event goes? i'm serious. Inno staff, are they coded to get crappier? 45000 pretzels down the craphole now. The last 6 spins are so stupid this can't be crap luck. THREE steel lined...
  12. Tucker Blue

    Rare items are not.

    Steel lined box, Loot chest and the Very rare Okt chest need to be put in Uncommon and replaced with ACTUAL rare items. My last 5 blue category prizes contained: 2 iron clad boxes (completely useless) 1 loot chest (8 hour drop rate bonus........but i have 81 Ratts with again...
  13. Tucker Blue

    New Recipes Drop Rate (Level 650+)

    Not just you. i have 5 Write a song of the west and i've already sold two. Have 1 Fabricate dress mannequin and i've sold two of those too. Have 1 Hardened Steel. Found 1 Strong Acids and found 1 Metal Skull. (neither are usable yet) In Galveston: Two players with 38 recipes. Blacksmith and...
  14. Tucker Blue

    TW Toolkit v1.46

    It keeps giving me a reinstall notice when i log in. Clicking reinstall doesn't do anything. Other than turning updates off completely does anyone know how to fix that?
  15. Tucker Blue

    Duel report

    My suggestion is a report for the beginning of a duel someone else has challenged you to. Similar to the report for the beginning of a fort battle. That way if you're online and someone begins dueling you, you have an opportunity to put your dueling gear on.
  16. Tucker Blue

    Nickelback...yep i'm goin' there.

    What...WHAT...WHAT is wrong with Nickelback??? Oh i'll tell ya what's wrong with Nickelback! That......tall.......ramen noodle haired, drawly...... ffffffffff. *sigh* A lot of the instrument part of Nickelback ROCKS. Yeah it #$%^ ROCKS! Perfect example, Follow You Home. For 25 seconds your head...
  17. Tucker Blue

    Grab Bag!

    New Zealand ??? #1 ??? #2 ??? #3
  18. Tucker Blue

    Schitt's Creek

    This, show, is...........amaaaaaziiiiiing! Not only did they have the wicken chick from The League but they had Andre! They had Rafi Bomb! They even had the creepy car salesman from Dexter! And i STILL can't look at Rob Lowe without seeing Eddie Nero from Californication. He engineered that...
  19. Tucker Blue

    New Recipe Ratio

    In Galveston, there are two players with 37 recipes, a master saddler and a blacksmith. There are 5 players with 36 recipes, two master saddlers, a blacksmith, field cook and a tonic peddler. i have seen 4 recipes on market, one Fabricate a dress mannequin and three Write a song of the west. i...
  20. Tucker Blue

    Schitt's Creek

    Am i missing something here? i grew up on old school comedy. SCTV, Benny Hill Show, Wayne And Shuster, Bizarre, etc.. i just tried to watch the first episode of Schitt's Creek and ten minutes in found myself fast forwarding snippet by snippet trying to find a funny scene. i did not find one. Not...