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  1. Abydos1

    New Fort Battle Look

    Either way same result...
  2. Abydos1

    New Fort Battle Look

    Nope, tried it with no scripts and same result...unless there is some sort of script needed to see the icons differently. Please post a pic up of a fort battle and prove that it is just me experiencing this issue. Thanks and best of luck.
  3. Abydos1

    New Fort Battle Look

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I have to point it out since nobody has yet...all I see in these new fort battles are square cowboy hat people icons which hides the class and ownership. Was wondering if that was intentional because it kinda makes the play very confusing as well as hard...
  4. Abydos1

    Website - English support

    Same here though still must be some kind of joke but they will fix it eventually...
  5. Abydos1

    Lost pretzels on Galveson

    Same here, I had to re-buy it to use it one more time...that's -600 bonds for an extra attempt. This was done less than 24 hours before the event was done. Good thing I have a lot of bonds to waste since these events love using nuggets instead... :rolleyes:
  6. Abydos1

    4x pretzels for generals

    With this plan there will be a lot of multis... :rolleyes:
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    Chef Weapon Set

    It's stupidity...
  8. Abydos1

    Chef Weapon Set

    Well, they just made the new shiny GG set obsolete with this ridiculous new nugget munching weapon set...I was just beginning to enjoy adventures with a level playing field after finally finishing the long and grueling questlines to get the shiny GG rifle and then they screw it all up with this...
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    Town Cinema

    I didn't know Miw made a video, where is it? o_O
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    The West Classic - Coming Soon

  11. Abydos1

    adventures and spirit of gaming

    Wow, I wouldn't play that many games just for the daily quest (it's actually the daily task that requires the win btw) would have to be an actual quest for me to try to get that win... and yeah, I am someone who doesn't believe in upgrading so I end up on the small end in a lot of matches...
  12. Abydos1

    Adventure loot drop .

    Well, that's because you can buy them at the VP Shop...
  13. Abydos1

    Adventure balance maker

    Hey, looks like they are finally doing it...we get to shoot at cowgirls too now. That will even up the teams for sure!
  14. Abydos1

    Adventure balance maker

    Yes, the alternating first movement thing is there but was hoping for them to also even the teams too (not only by level) because swapping the first move is not going to save you if you are on lopsided teams.
  15. Abydos1

    Adventure play style confusion
  16. Abydos1

    Adventure balance maker

    I think it is time to consider this proposal again since this old matchmaking process is plain ridiculous especially with all the heavily upgraded guns. I rather that one OP face another OP instead of having them on the same team against someone like me with a normal un-upgraded weapon (Raven...
  17. Abydos1

    Adventure play style confusion

    Hmmm, why are we still talking about this? I thought the rules were set in stone...but I do agree that the biggest issue is still the matchmaking since it still doesn't take into effect the gun power and HP of the players. It just doesn't work that well anymore sorting it by the level of the...
  18. Abydos1

    Adventure play style confusion

    Yeah, that guy isn't easy to play with...but not everybody is like him fortunately. That is something I usually do when the player on my team is offline out of frustration but for someone like you actually trying to play that is just unacceptable behavior. I'm not sure what anyone can do to fix...
  19. Abydos1

    Adventure play style confusion

    Wow, what a great checklist! I agree with all these points and think that we should save this for the if they are going to follow it that's another story but they did manage to fix the first move issue among other things so there is some promise for more improvements in the...
  20. Abydos1

    Adventures discussion and feedback

    Yeah, but I mean there should be more balanced teams of weak and strong guns...I wouldn't consider myself one of the strong guns but more of like the average since there are the upgraded outlaw rifles and special event winner nugget guns which are far more overpowering.