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  1. Cro Sharpshooter

    New world?!

    More interested in getting the update finally, new world can and should wait..
  2. Cro Sharpshooter

    Adventures discussion and feedback

    lol really dude get real..
  3. Cro Sharpshooter

    Adventures discussion and feedback

    No he is talking about Tlingit Dancer's set which was given to event winners on each server.. The set is sick and rest of event winners sets look like crap compared to it, that's all. Every event is getting more pay to win obviously, Inno doesn't care about improving the game and getting more...
  4. Cro Sharpshooter

    New Fairbank Login Issue

    We got rekt by Inno again woohoo. This is getting old... EDIT: Seems to be fixed now, question is for how long EDIT 2: 6 minutes :D
  5. Cro Sharpshooter

    Efficient Easter egg container

    It's on Fairbanks as well, better late than never I guess..
  6. Cro Sharpshooter

    Efficient Easter egg container

    Doesn't seem to be on Fairbanks yet..
  7. Cro Sharpshooter

    New world

    Should be, but I don't remember seeing The West advertisements lately anywhere else but The West Cinema. Most cash they earn from this game is being used on upgrading their other games, we don't get much love here only get new sets every month or two so we can spend more cash on it or get some...
  8. Cro Sharpshooter

    Sending of hearts

    There's a script that allows you to see total number of hearts received from other players and makes your sending go smoother as well.
  9. Cro Sharpshooter

    Petition for a new classic world !

    There was and it was much better then what we have now.. Though it wasn't there from the start of the game but it was put in use around february 2010 with the update 1.25. Also would love a classic world myself but that will never happen sadly.
  10. Cro Sharpshooter

    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Honestly, I can't complain about not getting picked because of my low level level but a lot of names from the list are a joke compared to some missing but oh well.. :) And yes, I've taken team work and skills in my criteria.. Anyway good luck and do your best in the championship.
  11. Cro Sharpshooter

    International Fort Battles Championship Entries

    Managed to salvage one of my long deleted accounts.. :D Player name: Cro Sharpshooter World: Dakota Level: 99 Class: Soldier Profession:Tonic Peddler Health Points: 10k naked Are you skilled for Fort Battles: Yes Online/Offline: Both Leader/Entrant: Entrant If Leader, do you have Skype and...
  12. Cro Sharpshooter

    Login Issues

    This is taking a bit too long to fix.. The only world I'm playing on and can't access it, typical.
  13. Cro Sharpshooter

    Login Issues

    Fairbanks is still down..
  14. Cro Sharpshooter

    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Your character will only be copied to the new server, not transferred. You will not lose any of your items on your original character but only don't get to keep anything you acquire on this new server.
  15. Cro Sharpshooter

    International Fort Battle Championship! Discussion

    Nice event, shame I just deleted my old character last week and started a new one.. Good luck to those who will be representing us!
  16. Cro Sharpshooter

    2.x typos, bad translations and text errors

    Quest line One hand washes the other has bunch of german mixed in the quest texts, not sure has it been reported already. EDIT: The big perfomance 1st and 5th quest have a word or two of german in them too, probably a bunch of other quests as well since the last update..
  17. Cro Sharpshooter

    Free codes - Get yours now!

    People are so greedy.. Thanks for the event Twist, some of us actually appreciate it as fafer said. :)
  18. Cro Sharpshooter

    Lvl 1 Super weapon

    Not really cause usually by the time your referall spends enough nuggets to give you a personalized set you'll be lvl 120 for a while already and it won't matter at all cause there are other powerful weapons/items by that point anyway.
  19. Cro Sharpshooter

    The Plan - Weekly draw rules and discussion

    Still waiting.. Forgot due to new world release? ;P
  20. Cro Sharpshooter

    Collector's Set Dreams Dashed?

    280 new items.