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  1. Bounty Achievement

    i did a support ticked, they told me because it was before a certain update they cant be counted and it cant be changed :(
  2. Bounty Achievement

    yes i also have reports of me claiming about 7 more bounties than are listed on my collected bounties, seems there a bit bugged...
  3. Skill bonuses from steeds & fort weapons

    haha good point, still there are 4 sets then
  4. Skill bonuses from steeds & fort weapons

    3 are also in sets already (the young stallion, donkey and mustang) so you could count those as giving a bonus to SP/AP, also as mentioned you have the camel, christmas sled and buffalo providing bonuses
  5. Dueling Level Restructure

    a dueler might be able to hit non-duelers for maybe a week before his DL, due to wins, forces him to only fight other duelers so yes it is protection for everyone especially when people start hitting the 80+ lvls, your idea regarding motivation, while being realistic, is not really a good thing...
  6. Dueling Level Restructure

    you might as well just suggest duelers can only fight other duelers because that is what your suggestion will make, you are giving every other character build complete protection from dueling. i strongly oppose the current system as shown in my countless forum posts on the recent suggestions but...
  7. Dueling Level Restructure

    i think the amount if players that would quit due to this is idea is worse ;)
  8. Resolved Being rich in TW

    marketing is the best way to make cash, look out for bargains and sell them for more. buy people items/products they dont want and sell them on. takes some practice but you can make millions :)
  9. Reset Dueling Level

    i was referring to FF'ing, questing etc :) like the magic pill to reset all AP/SP and even both? although your suggestion is good the 0 mot duelers would certainly not be happy :P
  10. Reset Dueling Level

    im not, ofc the majority of players would be duelers but i know of a lot of people who have quit dueling and FF, quest etc... if they lost their DL it makes their game a lot more fun :)
  11. Reset Dueling Level

    thing is i wouldnt use this if it required nuggets/bonds and the only other times i would use it is on briscoe where i am no longer a dueler but have a huge DL so have remained townless for about 6 months. i dont see why you are so against it when all it will do is bring people back to the older...
  12. Reset Dueling Level

    i don't think we could ever present an idea that would please anyone but i must admit the idea of a 1 time potion is pretty good, no abuse except using it once and then scr*wing yourself over by trying to power lvl exp and never being able to do it again AND it lets some of us change from being...
  13. Reset Dueling Level

  14. Virtualize Dueling

    going to have to say no as well. i enjoy the "risk" factor of dueling, by taking away the loss of EP and cash when you get Ko'd whats the risk?
  15. Reset Dueling Level

    Jakkals mentioned how he wouldnt vote for this unless it affected non-duelers then posted his example of him being chased around the place so i think you mean yes :D the community would become a lot more active with this update but if inno want to lose more revenue and players by slowly killing...
  16. Make it possible for the duel level to go down.

    and what does that have to do with the discussion? the way i see it you wont be happy til someone implements that duelers can only duel each other and ,lets be honest, that isn't happening
  17. Make it possible for the duel level to go down.

    i'll find it later and pm you with it, i think you'll find EVERY player has dueling skills so you cant really say non-duelers are completely defenseless, dueling WAS the main feature of this game now its rapidly falling into disrepair with all the updates etc influencing it, this feature could...
  18. How To get these Weapons.....

    geronimo's is from winning community events although i am not sure if it is dropped from achests (haven't seen anyone getting one), bowie's can be found on jobs with a decent luck providing the range has the purchase price in
  19. R.I.P Dueling!!!

    nope and i dont even own the gun so not sure where that came from... also the fact they are auctionable means players without premium can acquire them.
  20. Make it possible for the duel level to go down.

    which brings us back to another previous post... if the DL dropped duelers would find they have other duelers in there level range rather than the helpless adventurers (you), you might actually find he either wouldnt be dueling you due to other targets or even that he cant duel you due to other...