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  1. Good Feather

    World 1 Closing :(

    So at least 5 years have gone by since I actively even played on W1. I just rejoined W1. Got all my stuff back including my golden gun. Wow never thought I’d see this character again after my first daughter was born. scanning this thread and seeing familiar names TomParis, futuarama Elmyr and...
  2. Good Feather

    Remove this from the fair !!!

    It’s a good idea. I might suggest adding a way to crush fair items into new items
  3. Good Feather

    How Long Until ...

    First thread Ive read here in 5 years and it is about cancel culture. maybe we should make the flagged blurred to keep red and white blob.
  4. Good Feather


    Wonder if they would ever change it so you could pray for other people in the game. When you go to pray you can have the option to pray for others. :) Lord please look into that big bad dueler that keeps coming after my worker bubba. Thanks and I'll leave the light on for you and the tooth...
  5. Good Feather

    animal friend

    The problem is this has been mentioned before and having an animal sidekick has not been very popular with the players who visit this forum
  6. Good Feather

    New Acheivement for Last Man Standing

    Does it require a full fort battle of X amount of players to start the battle or can it be a 1 on 1 battle to get the acheivement?
  7. Good Feather

    2.22 discussion

    I was a bit bummed to see the hype about shop sorting meant the UPS store and not my inventory backpack. I guess I misread and had it in my head that they were going to modify something I use daily in my backpack to modify the products view so that it could be sorted into product categories -...
  8. Good Feather

    Holiday Quests - Easter Achievements

    Well if we ever bring back quests that are 1 off like these Easter quests, then we need the April Fools Paladin quest. I have it half finished on one world. And the all powerful Mod Set for -Wood Magician set could use a polishing, as I was on vacation then.
  9. Good Feather


    I got 3 bouquets today while picking berries on Arizona 4 - 1 hour jobs. Edit but on my other 4 worlds I was not able to find any.
  10. Good Feather

    Roadmap 2015 Q1

    I'd like to see the traveling fair revamped a little. The items on there are getting stale. Ive got about 10 hats that are about worthless. It would be nice if we can trade in 3 traveling fair hats for a super 1.
  11. Good Feather

    Quests in ghost town and Waupee's indian village dissapeared

    I noticed this happened to me in the saloon today while I was in the center of the Map working while I had 6 queued jobs. I cancelled my queued jobs and went outside of the center of the map and queued a sleep in a fort and my saloon quests came back.
  12. Good Feather

    Adventures discussion and feedback

    So if it is level based... then the only factor I can work on would be bringing in the right fort gun. What do you feel is the best gear setup to bring to the adventure?
  13. Good Feather


    On my 5 worlds I spun for the 48k... I'm quitting w1-wAZ. so if it hasn't been on the market already, expect the stuff to be on the market soon. I only wish I would have gotten the chest on W-CO where Im staying. W1 Black Bart horse (already sold) w11 Jesse Chisholm horse w12 Jesse Chishom...
  14. Good Feather

    Biggest pet peeves on The West?

    I would like the buff message to only come up if Im using a duel buff and Im launching another duel buff. and the same for Fort buff for a fort buff. But not when Im launching 1 for the 1st time of either. I dislike seeing the warning and trying to figure out if I have just launched a fort...
  15. Good Feather

    Biggest pet peeves on The West?

    the prayer threads that always get brought back up after a few months of inactivity
  16. Good Feather


    I wonder if when the Divine Providence was created, oh so many moons ago, that it would go as far to include praying in an online game. This is the thread that will go on and on... just like the town churches go higher and higher.
  17. Good Feather

    Block Persistant Duelers

    oh also if you have a ko bounty on yourself, then going townless will not help I believe... unless it has changed. Its best to go townless before someone does put a bounty on you. :)
  18. Good Feather

    Block Persistant Duelers

    A strategy I also used when being farmed... go to the other side of the map. Typically duelers will not go to the ends of the Earth to find you. Farmers have a set of people they want to farm daily. Granted you will still get dueled from time to time but if you move and make them have to chase...
  19. Good Feather

    Create travel waypoint in County 15

    regardless this is not the place to direct negative feedback as it railroads the topic off topic. Please stay true to discussing the idea at hand and take the negative talk to the dueling ingame instead. Subject is adding a travel spot in county 15 in addition to that Awesome Fort... discuss.
  20. Good Feather

    Create travel waypoint in County 15

    Looking at the 2014 Roadmap train-stations may help this situation. Hopefully they put a stop in County 15. Travel Time (Railroad) Make travelling on the map faster Possibly via stations that can be built in towns