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  1. Ascendis

    Diversifying Class Roles in Fort Fights

    As I understand the purpose of character classes and their bonuses in fort fights, it is to endow a very specific role upon each class. Soldiers are meant to tank and tank only. Duelers - damage and snipe. Advents - tank and ghost. This is done is through the bonuses that each class gets...
  2. Ascendis

    Character class advice

    Hello folks. Started out on the new world. Feels great. :) Now that I am level 15, I gotta choose a character class and I am torn between soldier and dueler. I will be actively dueling, so prime focus is on that. Will be FFing on a daily basis too once the world matures to that stage. SPs are...
  3. Ascendis


    With respect to the new dueling system, i have distributed all my skills to dodging, aim and vigor[Wcolorado].I have left all other skills empty.But it seems to have made things worse.:mad:It has completely ruined my performances in duels.:( What do you suggest I should do now?Where have I gone...
  4. Ascendis

    Lets ride

    We have founded a brand new alliance and hopefully with ur help we can reach the skies. If u r interested,contact 'Ashwin Prasad' on colorado from the town-Silent riders
  5. Ascendis

    SIlent Riders.

    Hi All, I have a proposal for You. We are looking for active players to boost our alliance ranks and win fort fights. Our town[silent riders]'s location in far northwest. A quiet place for completing jobs and dueling.We have a fort provision right next to us which is going to be ours in the...
  6. Ascendis

    Resolved old duel system

    [/LIST] whats the old duel system??
  7. Ascendis

    Resolved motivation

    I have a question here. When you move your mouse over your duel motivation status it says- "A low motivation lowers the experience you gain and the loot from a duel." Then,this must mean a dueler with 0% motivation shouldn't receive any loot at all.How is this possible?:mad: Does motivation...
  8. Ascendis


    Change the way you whisper. Its a lot of work you know.Click the guy you wanna whisper to and select whisper every time before chatting. Group chat is excellent but private chat can be made more simple and convenient.