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  1. I need some info

    I have to have my computer work on and I don't know how long I will be without one. I see some people listed as being on Vacation how do I put myself on Vacation mode ? :confused:
  2. Paper ?

    Just where do I get paper ??
  3. Okay I got the bucket now one more thing

    Now I need a broken whiskey bottle I can't find out who you get this :confused:
  4. I need some Info

    There is a quest that you need a bucket is there a job to get the bucket ?? Or is this item one that has to be crafted ?? :confused:
  5. Mission un-passible

    Just where do you find the Shoshone for this quest ?? :huh:
  6. I'm doing a quest and need some info

    I'm doing the quest The Lone Ranger and it said to investigate the reserve just where is it and what is it ?? :unsure:
  7. Is bad language allowed on here ?

    I got a message while playing in the game !! I did not know the person that sent this to me when I asked what I did he said something about my mother My mother is dead and that really hurt my feeling can I block him so I won't have to deal with this person again ?? :(
  8. I need some help

    I can not find the last 2 job in the Christopher's Parade quest I got some of it the shirt belt and pants but can not find the job for the boots and necklace could some one please tell what job I need I did the well pitchfork and steak !! :unsure:
  9. I need help with sever time

    I'm doing a quest that has to be done between 8 an 12 sever time !! I live in Colorado and their 8 hours a head of me I'm I right 8 am would be midnight my time ? :)