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  1. Noobmic

    Quest: Already completed

    Type of Bug: Quest Description: When I try to accept quest it says that I already completed that quest. See print-screen:
  2. Noobmic

    Cannot collect construction items

    For the Independency day event, I encounter a couple of issues. Using Chrome 27 on Windows 8 this happened one time in 2 days (6 & 7 July). Using Chrome 27 on OSX 10.7.5 tends to happen all the time. For example I had for the 3rd construction (150 nuggets 7:59:xx) spent pacific bound to move...
  3. Noobmic

    Cannot create products (by crafting)

    In-game name: Noobmic Affected worlds: W2 (.net) Browser: Google Chrome 19.0.1084.52 m Short description: As blacksmith I cannot create products Description: If I go to Character -> Blacksmith I don't see any product that I can create (if I check "Hide unavailable materials" all products are...
  4. Noobmic

    [Bug] Cannot place bid

    On World 2 I have an issue, before the update I placed a bid for one item , value $9000, max value is $10000, and now I wanted to buy it with instant buy (paying $10000), but I don't have any button to place a bid ... Auction will end in 2 days. Image: Info: Game Version: v1.35...
  5. Noobmic

    Wrong energy message after using gingerbread

    Now (23:37 server time) on World 2 I used one gingerbread, initially I had 0 or 1 energy (don't remember exactly). After using it I got the message that my energy is 24 (didn't made any print screen because I didn't expected this bug). After the message the energy bar was updated to 24. After...
  6. Noobmic

    [forum] no logo

    For 2 days now forum doesn't have a logo, precise time after Diggo posted the announcement that he will not be for the next year CM. This was reproduced on Google Chrome version 16 (last stable release), also on default browser for Android 2.3.4 I cleaned browser cache. I inspected the...
  7. Noobmic

    use of deprecated properties

    I was investigating some game requests in Chrome (version 16.0.912.63 m, last stable build). And in console I could see: event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future. This can be reproduced by opening any ingame...
  8. Noobmic

    TheWestApi issue

    I'm working for a GreaseMonkey script (also available for Google Chrome), script is: (latest version where I will use TheWestApi is: - install link) The code for it is: .... var...
  9. Noobmic

    trading christmas stuff

    Yesterday (29 Nov 2011) Hades2 posted: I understand on .DE worlds player don't want this, but on .NET there wasn't any survey/poll asking players what they want. If a moderator can create from this topic a poll, to see what players think. Question: Do you want christmas staff to be...
  10. Noobmic

    No skill point after crafting

    Ok, so my status now is: And On 06/17/11 at 4:25 PM I crafted "Sharpened weapon" that is still will yellow and I didn't received any Skill Point towards crafting. Report is public, link: Crafting: Sharpened weapon on W2 .net So there is a bug on this?
  11. Noobmic

    Market filters

    Proposal Better filters for market, for easy usage. Current Workaround For example if you search for a product that is a result of crafting you must go to products and check every one. If you are blacksmith you must go to recipe section and then if you don't know what are the names for...
  12. Noobmic

    Energy recovery - issue with sleepyhead set

    Ok. So the idea is: At ~01:00 server time I was at sleep for 2 minutes in a big fort, at that time I used equipment manager and equipped sleepyhead set. At that time I had 27 energy so I've put a job in que. At ~05:00 server time I had 99 energy so in 4 hours in a big fort with complete...
  13. Noobmic

    Forum - last page bug

    Reproduced with Google Chrome and Firefox 4 (last stable builds) So. You need to go to: You are on page 3 and you see that there is a page 4. Click on it Result: you are on page 3 and cannot go to page 4; Expected result: if...
  14. Noobmic

    Player profile without items

    This bug was reproduced with FireFox 4 and Chrome 10. Game Version: v1.30 revision 12546 Tested on World 2 .net It's more difficult to write steps to reproduce so I created a short video:
  15. Noobmic

    Move to (job/player location)

    Proposal Make for every place on the map where is a job or a player to option to move there. Current Workaround For jobs an alternative is to set a 5 min job and you can move there. For players on the map where you don't see any job there isn't any workaround. Details Now we have for...
  16. Noobmic

    No more daily bonus at lvl 120?

    I'm not sure if is a bug or not. But yesterday at 10AM I reached lvl 120. Now when I logged in again I didn't got my daily bonus. I play on W2 (.net) So is this a bug or not?
  17. Noobmic

    Remake of bounty feature

    Proposal Remake bounty feature. Current Workaround Now everybody can bounty everybody that that has a town. Details By remaking the bounty I will give some basic rules: 1) A bounty can be offered only by a player who interacted with another player. 2) After a bounty is cleared the player who...
  18. Noobmic

    Resolved Bounty

    Something is a little unclear to me. When I check some players profile I can put bounty on them and I didn't had any interaction with those players. Initially I was thinking that bounty can be put only after duels. But now that I see this I'm a little confused. So someone can explain it to me...
  19. Noobmic

    Limit backpack - idea/suggestion

    Based on today post on dev blog ( ) that has referral to limiting backpack number of items I come with this idea/suggestion because there are some collectors in the game (including me, check signature to see my inventory) that worked hard for what they...
  20. Noobmic

    Cut transit time (premium)

    Ok. So at this moment I activated cut transit time and I received one error. I will paste here the response from the server: {"error":true,"msg":"Ung\u00fcltiges Halbierungskriterium (mindestdauer 2 sekunden)"} Time remaining that was shown was almost 35 min. Now I refreshed and it...