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  1. My contest entry - Game 2

    Scarlett - Seth Maya - Calvin Mrs. Anderson - Henry Bella - John
  2. Independence day Event

    Plus: Looks and runs nice. Colorful Seems like a variety of gifts to win and enjoy Made it to 100 construction Cons: Too big of a jump from 1500 fireworks to 9000 fireworks for construction points. Even with lots of friends, not going to happen and get parade prizes. Too much...
  3. Holiday event

    Did the Thanksgiving event start? I can't seem to access it with the Saloon npcs. It should be open to all players. :huh:
  4. market error

    I've sold 4 bayonet items on the market in my hometown. The closing day of my auction was 07 January 2012. However, it is 08 January 2012, and there is no money to pick up at my hometown location. The Auction is ended. How can a product be sold without the seller getting any money? :(