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  1. Oktoberfest 2020 - Feedback

    Absolute farce. First time I've kept a record of drops although always been pissed off at the amount of rubbish. Already on SIX steel boxes and seven other useless chests/boxes/safe all of which have given worthless junk. You need to check the authenticity of your drop rates!
  2. Harvest Event - Feedback

    Quite disheartening to have a quest that you can't finish and is decided by pure luck. Why not make required items dropable until you find them. You can make them low drop rate if you want, but give people the chance to complete without relying on buying success.
  3. Independence Day 2020 - Feedback

    Chest was taken off me when I completed part two - How do you get another chest - Trying to do agaves again but no luck so far Sorted after support request - Thanks for quick response.
  4. Think Quick!

    Where's these chests then?