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  1. we are coming...

    Yep same things will happen in Kansas too :D What about Juarez?
  2. We really need to close down the older worlds and allow migration

    Maybe Idaho and Houston can merge? Could be fun :p
  3. Spec Ops

  4. FF team

    It's now about experimenting and trying to achieve balancing FF... Apart from Luke who is not interested, any MW players available who are still interested?
  5. we are coming...

    that troll from beta is back :D
  6. Update Feedback - 2.137 & DoD2020

    Useful in new world , like Kansas lol
  7. we are coming...

    Same for Idaho, still 33vs33 going on sometimes :p
  8. Save us, Kuro....

    Open migration road
  9. World re-branding

    Open migration road for Idaho lol
  10. Spec Ops

    lol Lulu
  11. Spec Ops

    bump 2x
  12. Spec Ops

  13. Spec Ops

    Spec Ops is recruiting active , international ,friendly players. We do Fortfighting/Farming all together ;) Send me a pm or message if you want to join. Abjor if you are playing here , feel free to join
  14. New world - choose a name

    Kannabiho // Kannabiez whichever sounds better
  15. Save us, Kuro....

    O yes lol
  16. Visit Mexico in th e 1800’s

    Yes Doggie you are baaaaad to bone :D
  17. Rewards for battles / Awesomia fort

    Soldiers that got hit should get more exp and bond too
  18. FF battles

    If there are players willing to form a new force and want to discuss further send me a telegram :)
  19. FO alliance Gone

    Was FO dominating?
  20. The West App Development

    Dear game developers, Since there a lot ideas about the game content, Is it possible to make an app version of this game for mobile phones, Apple/Android? Nowadays, more and more people basically have touch phone , iPhones, android smart phones. I have seen a lot succes in browser games...