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  1. Update Feedbacks - 2.119

    I haven't been dueling for some time. It hight help duelers a bit and piss off everyone else. Nuggets for this? LOL no.
  2. Passed Adventure changes

    Instead of dissolving a room we have waited for when someone leaves, have a pregen npc pop in to take their place. Stop making us start over hoping next time others will join and stay.
  3. Here's an Idea: Stop changing the rules!!!

    It's very simple. Just as peeps can sign up for ff or not, make it an option to sign up for dueling or not.
  4. babble fish not dropping

    yes, that worked, thank you
  5. babble fish not dropping

    The babble fish didn't drop on 2 worlds even though I defeated the Wogon multiple times. Babble fish dropped on 11 but not 1 or Fairbanks. :blink:
  6. please help with newbie handcuffs question

    Delldell56, thank you, I've been gone for several years and was from the era when they were a quest reward. ty
  7. please help with newbie handcuffs question

    I have gone back through all the quests from the sheriff, searched TW-DB, scoured the forum, and asked online. Which quest from the sheriff drops the handcuffs that are needed later for the raid? I have not been able to find it. The bad thing is, I can't find my handcuffs. But if I remember...