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  1. PorkyBear

    Christmass event

    Question: There are rumors that in the red pack the Declaration of Independence can be found, is that true? By that logic are there possibilities that in the blue one we can find the summer items like the soccer or post summer items? Thanks in Advance Aldo
  2. PorkyBear

    Get People back to Fort Fighting

    Proposal The idea is to make people come to fort battles, even if they risk to get KO, by changing the FF dynamics and augmenting to the current bonus bonds given. Current Workaround Whispering to 100 players and none of them giving a damn about fort fighting. Details (got some great ideas...
  3. PorkyBear

    New avatar generator based game items

    This is my first idea so please go easy on me! I have looked quite a lot on this forum but never have come to see something like it (I may as well have skipped it). Proposal: I propose of creating a different item equipped screen that can be used as avatar too. Also this screen would be the...
  4. PorkyBear


    Hey Guys Anyone has some Saltpeter? There is not any unit in the market and yet the item is actionable! If some one has it please MSG me in game or reply here with price. Thanks Porky