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  1. Reset Dueling Level

    Oh come on. You have to be kidding. You know better than that.:laugh:
  2. Change how duels are done

    been suggested several times before, went no where.
  3. Dueler & Duels Adjustment

    I think this is a reasonable solution that does the least damage all of the way around.
  4. Fix to dueling level

    No to this.
  5. The mighty Fort Firght

    Its a case of the ends justifies the means, and I don't agree with that. I did look at the reports. But the bottom line is I think the fix is in the sp diminishing returns not gun damage being based on HP. Gun damage should be a fixed range period. I didn't say you hadn't put brain work...
  6. The mighty Fort Firght

    ^^says it all right there. the solution is not a "magic bullet" that does more damage if you have more HP and less damage if you have less HP. While one solution to the HP problem it is an incorrect solution IMO and not a solution i would support. there has already been enough backassword...
  7. The mighty Fort Firght

    No to this, what just because someone is "healthier" than someone else your gun suddenly shoots a bigger magical bullet. Gun damage should have a fixed ranged and thats it. Instead of some artificial "health point" fix like this just cap HP or limit it in some other way.
  8. Double-Double Days

  9. New Premium - Doubling

    No to this..reasons covered above.
  10. Increase/Decrease KO Protection for nuggets

    I am still against this. While it might increase some revenue for Inno it provides an added advantage for the "deep pocket" players over those who can't afford the nuggets for one. For two it effectively removes some from the dueling list increasing dueling pressure on those who remain. As...
  11. Dueling Level

    I am against this. Someone goes out there and exp duels and racks up the exp while running up their levels. You are proposing that they then have a system where in effect they get a "do over" to drop their duel level while still benefiting from the hp, sp, ap, etc, they earned to a large...
  12. Minor Ideas Suggestions

    First off this would not be a minor change or idea. Second off this statement here by you "I have in mind 0 motivation duellers which are mostly crappy duellers" is really indicative that you could well be clueless.
  13. Balance Steel lined box hunt

    No they should be given to those who earned them, not given out randomly.
  14. Town Wars

    Thanks Speed. That answers one of my questions about it and makes it a lot more fairer under those conditions.
  15. Town Wars

    I actually said I found the idea interesting and ask a couple of questions about what I saw as a couple of problem areas or flaws. That is not flaming. But apparently you seem to think it is ok for some maxed out town with maxed out top duelers to be able to go beat on some town 1/3rd...
  16. Town Wars

    Interesting idea. How are you going to prevent larger towns with numerous players from declaring on small towns with only a few players and stomping all over them? Do both towns/alliances have to agree to this war? If not is there going to be a point spread and towns/alliances can only...
  17. Increase/Decrease KO Protection for nuggets

    Let me help you out here. No to this.
  18. Limited :Account Sitting

    This game is much less intense that TW where you can be talking hundreds of villages instead of one character here. You have vacation mode here. Its up to each player if they use it and possible miss out on something, or not to use it and do the best they can. No to account sitting.
  19. Buying and selling inactive players in the market

    I hope this is not to subtle. Its the players account, not the towns. The player put the work into it, not the town. So if he goes inactive the hat has the option of kicking him. Thats good enough. And I don't see Inno giving the rights to do this. No to this.
  20. Prevent Abuse Of Fort Fights

    No to this.